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Hell yeah! Looking forward to it :D

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Hell yes! Glad you like it!

Heya, thank you for the kind words! I hope you like it! :)

Thanks for the very kind words Andrew! I'm so glad you like it!

HUMONGOUS FROG. Thank you Katt!!

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This is awesome!! Super excited to see it developed further!

Heya, very possibly in the future, depends on the interest!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

Sol's Pilgrimage to the Prison of the Forsaken Bear God

Sol, Cleric of the Sun God, leads 24 men into the land surrounding the Prison. The Sun God is planning a war in the heavens, and wishes to manipulate and harness the power of Karubahr, the Bear God of the Woods. Somehow, Sol missed out on the "Bear" part.

They spend the night getting drunk in Barford before setting off towards the North.

Sol and his men enter the meadows and find a miniature wooden fortress with wooden dolls and swords inside. Declaring this to be a heretical site, Sol burns the building to a crisp.

This commotion attracts a lone cow, who starts following the party around. Sol gladly accepts the cow into the fold as a fellow member.

They then enter the gravel fields, ignoring a face-shaped rock. Entering into the vicinity of a temple with serpentman carvings, they begin to hear a howl behind them.

A bear! But then it turns, to show that on its back... is another bear! A double bear!! They enter into combat with it and are able to burn off one side. The double bear howls in pain as Sol performs a purification ritual on it. The double bear was now just a bear.

The bear, now cleansed, speaks in the common tongue to Sol and his party. He explains that Karubahr has corrupted these lands, and that he will help Sol. They camp for the night and the bear buries his brother.

Next, they enter the Fens. Encountering a giant thunderstruck tree fallen into the mud, Sol uses his powers to purify the watery land. While he is doing this, bear bugs emerge from the crevices of the tree and attack. The bear bugs are able to kill some of Sol's men, and begin laying eggs in them.

Sol's men are able to retaliate and proceed the burn the corpses and the giant thunderstuck tree in the name of the Sun God.

Once that is done, they enter into a lodge where they attempt to get lodging from the beavers who own it. Grendlows emerge, speaking in rhyme. "Pay the tithe, or lose your life!" Sol casts Continuous Light and blinds the Grendlows who are sensitive to it, and proceed to kill their leader with arrows. The rest of the Grendlows flee in horror, and Sol and his men stay in the lodge for the night.

Sol went west into the haunted weald. There, he found a skull cracked in two. A pink form grows from it in the shape of a woman with her skull cracked in two — a banshee! (*By the way, this was an encounter. The chances of getting that exact encounter in that exact spot is ridiculous.*) Sol wishes to purify the corpse, but the banshee tells Sol that she wishes to first be brought to the Prison of the Forsaken Bear God. Sol, not knowing that Karubahr is the Bear God, agrees anyway.

The banshee leads Sol back east and around the river, a shortcut to the Prison. However, on the way there, Sol and his men witness a giant ball of pure energy standing right in front of the Prison. The bear recoils in horror, but Sol lets the ball move closer, thinking that surely, it is a sign from the Sun God. It is not. The ball of pure energy shows itself to be an ever-shifting bear, and as it roars, its face rips open to reveal another bear. Several of Sol's men are paralyzed in fright and are unable to move.

Sol, panicking, casts continuous light where he stands. It is now blindingly bright. The giant ball of energy uses the light as camoflauge, hopping in and out and killing Sol's men. Sol and his men flee, leaving the paralyzed soldiers behind.

They charge directly into the entrance of the Prison. The giant ball of energy does not pursue, devouring the rest of Sol's men in flame.

Sol, now inside the Prison, places the corpse of the Banshee down. The ghost of the Banshee thanks him, and guides him through the dungeon, with Sol burning "heretical objects" in the rooms as he goes.

Eventually, he finds his way to the Obelisk room. Not being able to speak Giant, he is unable to read the message across the wall, but the Banshee screams it before disappearing. The northeastern door opens, and the party enters.

Inside is a large object with metal plates, caution signs, and rust. It is adorned with dried flowers, burnt candles and an old holy book — of Karubahr! Reading the book, Sol realizes that it is in fact a technical manual for operating the object, an undetonated five megaton nuclear bomb. And thus, Sol realizes why he was sent on his crusade — to use this unholy artifact to bring holy light to the Sun God's enemies.

Heya! No, you don't. That's built into it due to how the HD of the fighters get better at a faster rate than other classes!

Heya, unfortunately the brush engine differs for most programs so I won't be able to do that :( I made it very specifically for Procreate. Thanks for the interest, though!

Hell yeah!!! Glad you like it Tony!

Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoy it!

Thank you friend :D

This is awesome!! Love the style. Can't wait to get this on the table!

By the way, any chance of a physical zine restock soon? :D

Heya! That's based off frankish axes!


"The psychological element of the Francisca was horrific and sometimes the enemy ran away before the combat in fear of the incoming wall of flying axes. Throwing axes have a tendency to bounce quite randomly from the ground or from the edge of the shield if the axe doesn’t hit the target. This unpredictability of the weapon added fear as the enemy newer knew what is going to happen."

So it doesn't bounce back far enough for the wielder to throw it again, but it does inspire fear and possibly additional damage! Hope that helps :)

Hell yeah, glad you like it!


hell yessss

Wait you're a real human being????

Acid chalk is my favourite, right next to wall chips.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I use a bunch of Photoshop-specific stuff in these actions (specifically the noise and stamp filters). Hopefully I can figure something out for other programs in future!

Thank you!!

Hell yeah, thank you!!

Thank you so much!



Love this so much! Super inspiring.

That means so much to me Adam! Big fan of your work!

Super cool! Makes me want to do this myself...

So glad you like it!!

Thank you!

this fucking RULES

Heya, I can't remember which I used for the video unfortunately :(

The saves being 2d6 sounds great. I would actually recommend looking into Age of Conan by Jason Vey for a similar system! (Page 37)

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This is a late reply, but thank you so much!!