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Hello from a fellow Singaporean! This is far and away the most polished game I've played thus far! It is extremely fun and addictive and is the only game I've given a 5 for overall so far. Fantastic work!

Thanks so much! This really made my day!

Hi, I should have made it clearer in the game, but the dotted borders are supposed to be aligned with the borders of the drawing! That usually makes it much easier to control the rating.

Hi, there is music and sound! Maybe your volume was muted?

Yes, I am on the current version. Sorry, I should have noted that!

Hi! Create events are not fired by the objects when I set up rooms to reload.

If it matters, I used the fix from  and replaced my files.

Thanks so much, that works! :D

Hi YellowAfterLife, thanks for the quick reply! I took a look at the issues page and saw that my first issue was already reported - and coincidentally, fixed fairly recently!

Could you update GMEdit to use this updated commit? That should fix it - thanks so much!

(1 edit)

Hi! I'm a newcomer to GM and GMEdit is making my life a lot easier by having a vim mode! However, there is a problem that I found with it, hopefully this illustrates it - 

Vim mode

Normal mode

Basically, once it reaches a line shorter than the previous line, it will save the cursor position as the current position. Is there any way to remedy this?

In addition, in Vim, once you go into edit mode, you can actually make a bunch of edits then exit out, and when you hit undo, it will undo all the changes you made at once. In Vim mode here, it's just a normal undo. This isn't as bad, but I just wanted to see if there could be a quick fix!


PS: The vague title is in case I find any other problems with vim mode editing - I don't want to spam up the message boards!