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Do you mean the storyline? At the moment storyline (e.g. quests, missions, etc.) is not released. The best things to play are matches with other nations, multiplayer matches and travelling large distances :)

That's weird. Does it throw any errors when it crash? What machine/hardware are you using? Did you tried to run on another computer? I heard that Unity had some problems on some particular machines but it's quite rare...

Which version and platform are you using? For me it works fine.

I guess if you try most recent version, you will find many bugs fixed now, plus new features as well :)

Hmm, interesting. I am developing it under Mac, but I suspect that on Windows something is not working. I will take a look how I can get around it. By the way, you are also getting some resources from surplus of population when it tells "Taxes collected wages paid". But I will let you to discover it yourself in more details :)

Hey, very nice video. I am surprised it only displays warriors in such a short distance. I need to check what's going on with sprites, as they should be displayed at larger distances. Are you playing on Windows, Macs or Linux?

As for mines, you can build them only in specific locations. You can see very tiny drops of gold and iron shining in some places, but you need to look carefully around where they are. I am planning to release an update in a week or two times, so some issues should get fixed.