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Yes, that worked. Thanks Kenney!

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I'm using v2.1.2 and in Windows 10. When I click and drag any icon, object is properly rendered. But without thumbnails it's not a pleasant experience.

Fantastic work!

I have started on something. I have an idea about a tile based game with minimum controls. I'm using Godot and Gimp as my main weapons. I'm excited to be part of this jam! All the best to all of you. Let us all hope that we can finish whatever utter shit thing we make.

I'm going to use Godot too :) Hope I can finish something.

Cool work dude. :)

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I'm using Godot for this. I'm made a test project in Godot in it's 1.x version a while back and I totally loved the engine. Now it's in 2.1 and it got better! This is my second attempt at creating a full game using Godot.

Some work done.

Wow cool man! Thanks so much!

With this theme, you think of games in huge canvas, but unfortunately it's gonna end in 10 days. So I better stick to small ones. I actually don't know how my game's gonna end but I have a general idea. Aliens sending us messages and we should catch them and decipher the messages. Not quite unique, eh? Anyway, I will post updates as it unfolds.

Good luck to everyone! :)

Same here. I'm running Bunsenlabs x64 and game will not open at all. There's a message "Aborted" after the resolution selection option of Unity.

His game camera might move right :P I think the rule prefers your main character to move right.