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got stuck on the "look. I don't wanna break the 4th wall so lets talk about something else" one. Is it a bug or something tricking me? I wanna know if I should try again 

Hello! I'm Cyro, I'm a freelance Game/Level Designer and QA Tester. I'm extremely interested. Please take a look at my portfolio: and contact me on discord: CH51#0897

I love your games, but did not expect this at all. What even is this. What.

Not sure you'll see this, but if you do please consider my opinion: if you were to take suggestion 1 and 3, make those togglable options, please. I personally feel having a grid would be terrible visually and I love the extra challenge of trying to guess how far the line will go as it is. 3 would just make the game too easy.

I want to play this forever. I'd happily pay for this

Extremely good. Kultisti always comes up with such unique concepts. And this one is super difficult as well!

This is so, so good. At first I thought it was stupid, but after a few minutes I came to understand it and it started to feel so good. I'm definitely gonna play this a lot from now on. Congrats to the team


I can already hear Mark Brown praising you! So much fun, I'd have loved more twists on the idea and all, but you really took your time to make this game feel good. It paid off.

Gonna show off that I killed 103 enemies! While certainly unoriginal, this was very well executed and I had a lot of fun.

I was really disappointed when it ended so quickly, which is a compliment. Fun game!

...Where's the download?

I've played like 15 of the jam's games so far and this one is the only so far that's presented a good interpretation of the theme. I love how intentionally, you have no idea what's going on and you built an entire short-term  nicely wavy difficulty curve with having to figure the game out and getting better at it at the same time; it's slightly overwhelming at first but once you figure the game out, it's challenging and satisfying, while fitting this darn theme, Great job.

You never fail to make awesome stuff that I love. Really, really good

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I genuinely loved this. I'm serious - this is the culmination of all entertainment related to games that we've consumed for the last 10+ years. We're all familiar with the concept of making a random meme game for it's own sake, but furthermore, this is the culmination of that very concept; the absolute perfect spot in exactly how much work to put in, how seriously to take itself and how good the game should even be when deciding to make a game like this. From the platforms to the touhou fumos, the level is fittingly not thought all that hard upon, yet it's design is weirdly fun, relying wonderfully on the fact that it's not very good, which many little games like this fail at and these guys succeeded so greatly at.

They did put work on it, which is a big part of why it's funny. It all looking stupid and terrible is purposeful, yet you're actually having fun playing it and the music fits so well as you're so rapidly hit incredibly hard with memories and funny things both ironically and not, this game surprises you and, in a perfect mixture with the most perfect amount of each ingredient, creates an overwhelming and comforting feeling of nostalgia along with it's modern aspects. Scariest game I have ever played. More please.

Hey! Ironchest Games person, I'm a fellow gamedev and would just love to chat with you a bit, if you'd spare me a few minutes, please add me on discord! Thanks in advance. CH51#0897

Yeah, I thought so too and absolutely hated it at first, but although it's a little weird because we're not used to it, doesn't actually take long to get used to it and, even if not fully intentional, in my opinion is actually pretty innovative and it's much better than the alternative, which you can see by testing this: just doesn't work nearly as well at least for this game in particular. Props to creator, I wouldn't have played this game for even 10 seconds without the nice short-term learning curve this "mechanic" naturally provided, and it made me wanna play an actual full game with that.

You were so close!

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Thank you so much! But indeed it's impossible, you're not supposed to unlock all of it. You're supposed figure out how to unlock just enough so you can win.

Kinda liked it, simply did what it wanted to do. Thumbs up :D 
I'll rate yours too.

Nicely done! Definitely achieves it's educational purposes while keeping attention.

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(I'm kidding, but just took part in this jam too, simply curious about some stuff, please dm me here! CH51#0897)

Hey! I'm a game and level designer, looking to join a team or someone to make a game with for this jam. DM me here or on discord CH51#0897.
 You can see some of my work from previous jams here

If anyone's just lacking ideas or want design help/feedback for their games in this jam, feel free to message me as well.

Awesome! And well, I don't really know what you can do, I'm not expecting specific things from you, simply liked your work :) Let's figure out what we can do together! 

DM my Discord: CH51#0897

Heh, yeah. I made that last level very difficult just to compensate that we only had 6.  I'm satisfied with how it turned out :)

This makes me think, I have a proposition. I intend to do another game jam in a while, is there any chance you would be interested in working together?

Really good! Simple core mechanic you added something on top of to make it 'glitch-like' and built around, worked very well. Very nice visuals and music fits..

But I do have some feedback.

Cards like weird gravity, camera and circular were really the game's most fun stuff to deal with, despite the fact circular is very hard, even frustrating, the challenge made sense. Maybe cards like harder blocks shouldn't even exist in my opinion, only if this was a much bigger game; and you could try to design only cards that change the game mechanically and that you actually have to play differently in order to succeed against unlike harder blocks, which almost always simply make the game harder. You probably wouldn't have had time for much else but if instead of having stuff like harder blocks seperate from the cards, like for example an upgrade screen that was instead a DOWNgrade screen, you get skill points every so often and you're forced to chose to put in: 'faster, take more damage or less max hearts, etc...' but that might mess up the flow since it'd take even longer in between rounds but just a suggestion.

Which brings me to the second point, game progresses a little too quickly in general. Might've been better if you tried to put in mind that it could be more dragged out instead of packing up all the fun so tight together most players won't even experience everything.

Again, VERY good game! Polished to damn near perfection despite simplicity, everything works, even from a design standpoint. One of the most impressive in this jam for me, possibly number one depending on how long you spent on it. 

(PS: Thanks for rating my game as well :D)