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thank you my boy

scared me.

Interesting little story, the atmosphere of the train and the people along it were nice and unsettling. The art looks great

oh hey Im still on this page weee, congrats on the launch, looking forward to playing through everything you've added since the demo!

Really cool! Impressive how you managed to get some rolling physics going here, its quite a challenge!

I accidentally made one of the final levels incredibly hard for myself by forgetting I could shoot the bubbles instead of only avoiding them, whoopsie

this was a delight, oozing with personality. loved all the little animations, and the music was pleasant. the badges provided some fun new options which is always appreciated. I started having a little trouble on the last boss when I noticed you included an option to raise your own hitpoints. much appreciated for a low skill gamer like myself. Looking forward to seeing more!

Wow, you are getting so good at this! This is creative, fun, and honestly pretty challenging. I'll have to come back to get through the hard mode sometime.

I love how this is set up like a turn based almost board game. It's really cool that you have to maintain your condition and supplies along the way as well. One thing I would love to see is some more animation or impact for things like collecting items to refill your meters, or attacking an enemy, and indicating that they have been defeated. Overall, really cool ideas

The art is great, I love the look of everything condensed into a classic 1:1 ratio. Most of my deaths seemed to be from enemies that I didnt really notice coming, but after I started being more cautious and attentive my journey went better. The music is a lot of fun, I liked how the loop had a good amount of variety to it. I really like how you managed a nice sense of direction/progression in even such a small game, I started to feel like I was getting to know the layout of the area. I liked the gradual introduction of new hazards just as I started to get more comfortable with my strategy.