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Here's a bit of animation for when you obtain a new power. I spent most of today making puzzles, but you'll have to play the game to see them :)

This is the opening of my first boss fight. See if you can guess the inspiration :)

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Day 3: More mechanics - lighting and enemies showcased here. This lighting implementation is pretty computationally intensive so I probably need to limit the size of darkened rooms, we'll see.

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And here I thought I could get by with cheapo graphics. Hopefully I can stylize the hell out of what I've got.

Here's a gif of one of the mechanics at work, should be pretty representative of how it looks in the final game.

Hey guys!

I ended up making a font of my own, and in the spirit of sharing, here it is:

This is brilliant, thanks! I was trying to do the same sort of thing by hand but yours is way better :)