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hi, dude.. Loved and bought this asset for a game.. Awesome... Now you could do an speedometer.. What do you think?

hey, dude, make some GUI, please...

Awesome asset. I bought it for my game, exactly what I wanted. But, can you make some buttons, like play, pause, quit? You know, they are quite necessary... Thanks!

Hi, dude. I love your assets.. What are the odds to make a shooting character with some kind of a medieval powder gun?? I need something for a game... Thanks!

Hi, dude. I loved your assets. I'm considering hard to buy it for a game idea... If I do, will I have all the future updates? One other thing, what are the odds to you decrease a little its value? Because I'll have to pay 4 or 5 times the value due currency exchange (I'm from Brazil)... Thanks a lot!

Hi, dude. Lovely assets.. I have two unfinished projects and want to know if your would like to help me finish them. They are very small, just a couple of things left to be done.

Hello. Check out our games at:

  • Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles
    • A hack 'n' slash RPG where you must save the town of Milford Heaven from Luken's menaces.
  • POPixel
    • You control an acrobat bullet-man that blows up balloons jumping on them, but it's not that simple: each balloon has an unique behavior.

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