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Download here:

A two player fighting game in which the aim of both players is to be the first to reach the sword placed at the center of the platform. In order to prevent the other from doing so, each must hit the other with fireballs to push them backwards while also trying to evade incoming fireballs by jumping over or sliding under them.

This prototype was developed as an academic project at the Cologne Game Lab.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I agree, its lacking in terms of player investment. The progression system needs to be fleshed out. Also, I like the idea of there being a timer. Will hopefully incorporate these things in a future build.

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Download here:

In this comical arcade game adaptation of the The Little Prince novella, you play as the grown up prince. Your mission is to protect your beloved rose from incoming threat. Kick, grab, and throw wild sheep into the nearest volcano. Also, save the planet B-612 from an overgrowth of baobab trees by kicking them down as they relentlessly try to grow. By doing so, earn points and build a high score.

This prototype was developed as a student game adaptation project at the Cologne Game Lab.