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Ignore that: I just had a buggy flashcart, I tried a different one and it works fine ^__^

This is great! I would love to get the Game Boy version working on a real cartridge but unfortunately it doesn't seem to. Flashed it using GBxCart but I just get a white blank screen. :( The rom works fine on an emulator.

Really love all the gameboy sound-art/noise things you've made!


Nice work :) any plans to release the rom? would love to load it on a cart and play on the real gameboy

Makes sense.. Yes, reducing it to the char set's palette would work perfectly I think. Appreciated, and totally understand. Thanks!

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THanks for the quick reply :) yes the char set is 4-colour gameboy sprite sheets eg.......


I first tried a pure white pallette but in that case it imports the image in 1-bit black + white before processing the characters, and the final comes out overly light.... 

...and with a black and white pallette as you suggest, half the tiles are tinted black :(  

..... and if I use the same 4 colour pallette as the charset uses, the image imports in 4 colours + the ascii comes out better but it's then tinted different shades of the 4 green colours on top of the charset's original colours, whereas I need the pure un-tinted colours of the charset tiles. (I'm experimenting with making graphics for GB Studio games - )..... 

Amazing app but is there any way to import an image and have it converted to a charset without any colourising? EG my charset has 4 colour tiles and I'd like it to just use those exact colours without any tint