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500+ Emojis and Icons pack

Based on the iOS style, made in 24x24 pixel art!

Hi I'm Ibib, and this project will be an exciting new start for me, as I'll be taking on the biggest library of emoji and turning into pixel art assets! 🕺 These assets will be usable as a UI, or just general purpose icons and emotes. I'll be constantly updating this asset pack on a biweekly basis (2x a week). More details in the asset page, wish me luck :))

Future updates will include:

- Complete library of the emojis (2000+ assets 💪 slowly but surely hahaha)

- Windows/Android style alternate-versions ;)

- Different colorways to add more variations within each emojis (skin color, hair color, fur color, eye color, even adding more variations that are not in the OG emojis :))

- and most definitely, Animated versions of the emojis!

You can download or support the asset pack here: 🥬

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Don't forget to leave your impression about the pack, comments and inputs are also appreciated!

Thank you to everyone for downloading and supporting this personal project, I hope you all have a great day and an amazing week :))

Oh wow cool. Can I have the keys to my chains now?