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Thank you for your kind words! I didn't expect to see any more interaction on this so long after making it! I made this project back in high school but have been doing mostly non-game writing/poetry since, the positive feedback always makes me feel like doing another game (as much work as they are). :)

Thanks for checking out the game!

Spoilers Below! 

Your hint is that the BIRTH note is connected to the conception page. Stare at them both for a while and it should come to you.

Thanks! I'll check it out this weekend once I have some time away from classes.

Some words are blank when flipped, which means you have to use the other page to learn the information. I recommend taking a picture of each page fully flipped and comparing them! 

Sorry, this puzzle is definitely the least intuitive in the game, I might make some changes to make it less irritating. 

If you'd like a hint keep reading : 

At the top of diptera and haemolacria it says the page is red or blue. 

When you flip each word in the puzzle, you can see some become blue, some become red.

The goal is for each page to have all the words of their color showing. 

You need to use both pages to learn the color of each word, since each page only has half of the answers.

Glad to see you're enjoying your time so far, good luck!

Hello there, after a long break, I am beginning to work on a new game, and because of this I wanted to gather feedback on my last title "skin a gentle blue" to see what does and doesn't work. 

For a quick synopsis, it is a text-based horror puzzle game where you explore the pages of a religious tome, solving puzzles while slowly altering your body and mind.


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Hello there, after a couple of updates I believe I'm moving on from my first game project : skin a gentle blue 

If you'd like to check out the final version of my first game, it is a text-based puzzle/horror game focusing on themes of religion and body horror, that is set within the pages of a mysterious religious tome.

Hey there, I've recently published my first game : skin a gentle blue

Having finally finished the first big update after hearing back from players, the game is now in a much better state! If you are interested in playing a text-based horror/puzzle game focusing on themes of religion and body horror, then you might enjoy the experience.  Explore the pages of an ancient tome, solve the puzzles held within, and change yourself in the process.

recently updated page: 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll go in and fix those mistakes you found, along with some other stuff people have brought to my attention. Thanks for the help. 

sorry for the visual glitches that happen with some of the text art, I'm not completely sure what causes them, but am working to make them go away.

that worked! thanks for the help. 

Could you post an active link to your discord? The ones on this page seem to have expired. Sorry for the trouble.