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Oh wow, thank you :) !

This is great. I want eyes on my fish! And more distinctive fins. 

I really like this. It reminds me of the library at my middle school for some reason.

seems like this could be fun when you have more time to finish it. good luck!

The atmosphere in this is really outstanding.

I got really confused when I tried to jump in and play. The practice mode was helpful for sure for that.

I really like this game. I actually played it all the way through a bunch of times.

It's fun.

I ended up usually getting a power upgrade and a speed upgrade on a few towers in the later levels and never getting the range upgrade, though I'm not sure that's actually what's optimal. Are there any stats on the damage that different things do?

My biggest problem was that I kept trying to click on the towers but since they are raised off the ground, I often click on a tile behind the one I mean to.

The only other thing was that sometimes I had a good setup and just had to wait a while for the creeps to finish going through the towers. Would be nice to have a >>ffwd button!

Oh btw - how are the levels generated?

Thanks for making this.

I think I would like a wallpaper with some of these designs on it. :)

pretty. it took me a while to get up close to a star/planet but then it was cool to see it.

This technique works remarkably well. If you aren't paying close attention, you could mistake it for an actual work of Poe.

This is my favorite one so far. 

Everything else I've seen in procjam is software. What made you think to make a drinking board game?

I left this on in the background while I was programming something and it was very pleasant :)

This was super random but really great. Enjoyed it.

The vibe of this was very cool. 

I kept having the feeling that I was supposed to be picking up items or doing something from the description, and sometimes I felt lost.

Really liked how these looked. Nice work.

They all seem remarkably livable for procedurally generated mansions.

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this reminds me of the teamLab exhibit at the pace gallery. very pretty.

The windows remind me of the library in my middle school