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Hi Duncan,

Would you want to colab on a MR port for the quest?

Hi Malnuman,

Please review the Sidequest instruction posted on the page.

You need to use the PC to sideload games. At least the first time.

You can use the PC to sideload sidequest itself too, so that way you only need to use the PC for the first time, but I've never done that myself.

Please message me on some non-public platform (email/discord) an I'll send you your key.

I actually haven’t updated the AppLab one because Oculus makes the process a huge pain so the one here is most up to date. If you really want that version though I can try and figure out how to get a redeem code from the dashboard 

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Hi adriangeeeee,

You need to join a room for the ball to move. If you look to your left there’s a little instruction sign. 

I think the world might actually be a bit too big for quest. I'll have to do some performance work.

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Just finished added it.  Sorry I struggle to find time to update VR apps these days.

Nice, my only concern is if they still have a gaurdian limit of 10x10x with that. If not I will update to it for sure! That limit is partly the reason I don't currently use gaurdian in my game. 

it’s a surprise! Multiplayer though. 

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thanks I do, but I’m actually working on a new game that might be more fun. Hard to decide what to spend my time on.  I submitted for app lab 10 weeks ago and the lack of response is pretty annoying and makes me not want to work on it anymore. 

I bet it was passthrough glitching out a bit making the depth look odd. 

That’s odd. It’s currently set to remain visible for 20s.  It Is also 3D text (TextMeshPro) so you shouldn’t have issues with both eyes open. I can crank it up to 30s, but I figured people would want it out of their way since it can seem like it’s behind your walls. That’s because I don’t know the shape of your room at game start. Perhaps that’s what you were seeing. Your brain was confused by an object appearing in front of your wall but also far?

yeah it does take PayPal 

yep! Stayed up all night to get it updated to the new sdk!

New SDK is out. I was able to implement it quick after rewriting most of my code (Don't forget to backup you files first!!!!)


Most likely because you were running v34 which broke support for passthrough without SDK updates. I just updated it now though so all should work!

SDK v34 just dropped. Working on the update now. Hopefully I can finish quick!

Hi Ace, Oculus is supposed to release the tools for fixing their update today.  Once they drop then I just have to see how it’s done and release it here. I’m hoping it’s quick so I can release it tomorrow.

What if you run getprop instead?

Totally free for all those who bought until I release on AppLab (after Passthrough leaves experimental). At that point you will just need to message me with proof of purchase here and I'll send a free download code for AppLab. Probably all months off though. 

Fun fact, the original version had Black & White zombies, but the lighting just made them look odd. Could probably do better if I was a good blenderer.

Will do! Next is Multi-floor and object support!

thank you for the kind words! Yes it’s definitely slow and steady with a lot reading. Best of luck to you though it’s tons of fun to make games and totally worth it!

Developer here! Please read all the instructions as Passthrough has several steps to enable :)

Quest AR - Zombies in Your Home

Zombies will chase you around and spawn randomly throughout your mapped house!

Check out the link for details.