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Hello AnythingGaming, you can only leave the house when everything is explored, I think I need to explain that better. The baby going through walls was in what area of the game? Thank you for the feedback!

I'm sorry that happened to you Niven, can you give me your contact for discord or any socials so we can discuss that crash so I can solve it better? And I'm really thankful knowing that you enjoyed the game despite the problems!

Hey community! I'm Cavacos, a indie developer and I just released one of my favorites projects so far, a 3D PSX Styled Horror Game!

Uncover all the mysteries in this survival horror game with PSX style graphics, with a typical flashlight and a stamina system. There will also be puzzles that let you discover more mysteries..

For more info visit my game page:

Feedback is highly appreciated! This was done in 1 week for a school project!

This is the story of a knight apprentice who goes on a mission to become an official knight. You are sent to a town to defeat enemies and a creature that lies in the deep cave.

In this topdown 2D adventure game you will be able to fight with enemies, interact with NPC's and dash your way through the level!

gg very good