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Oh, you are right. That's totally a necessary behavior. We saw it earlier but, because of the difficulty to modify it, we delayed the correction and forgot to do it later. We'll add it to the bug fixing list for the next build. Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

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Hi  @paschott, thanks for the suggestion, for now you can speed up the text very quickly by pressing the ESC key, but soon we will put in configurations the possibility of modifying the speed of the text and an option to automatically advance the text.
Thank you very much for your support, we will be informing you about all the changes and improvements in the project.


The demo is now ready, we hope you like it :)

Soon we`re going to upload the prologue for you to enjoy it!

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I'm Erika-chan from Caustic Games and we are very proud of our big first game: Hacklist. We call it Zipi, just for love. We wanna show it to all of you and share our exitement.

You all can't even imagine how happy we are with this project and we wanna show our new material in development.

We hope to go out to Steam in May. Can you believe it?

Throughout the next days we'll present to you the progress of the game, including new features and the main characters.