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wish there was a map shortcut

If you use PlayOnMac it works. 

right now i just play the beta in browser but it performs poorly

"Mac users: I currently don't do builds for your OS since it got much harder with the recent policy changes from apple. Feel free to make a PR!" 

If you release the game though steam or itch I dont think Apple can have a say? Otherwise most itch games for mac wouldn't exist? 

Also, I bought this game on steam, is there a way I can get the downloads that are here, since steam only lets you download the game on the OS you are running?

a bit short but good

i am going to try this later

like the game, but it still flickers for me on turns


ah! is this even a possible game?? it was fun tho

ah! is this even a possible game?? it was fun tho

ur walls dont work lol...

ur colliders are off?

you could use a virtual machine to simulate mac, or see if a friend has one, or even send it to me and i might be able to...

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Great Game!I JUST finished the challenges, and it was hard!, and I wish it had a button to erase all on the board, but other than that i <3 it!!

first time playing my score was 7