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Cool art style and fun game. Good job.

Burn it all!


Pretty difficult. Reminds me of that nija backflip game.

I love everything about this game. The color palette is sweet, the sound is awesome, and the controls are spot on. The mechanic of shooting the wings and returning is also great. Fantastic job!

Cool song!

Seems like a super fun game to play with friends. I would love to aggressively turn all my friends into sandwiches. Sadly I wasn't able to play with a friend, but honestly I could tell by running around for a couple minutes that this game would be competitive fun. Unfortunately there was no sound or music that I heard, but the 3D art was great. Good work!

There should probably be a character limit on the sword thing, so that you can't just make it absurdly long. But hey, it's fun anyway. I loved the text graphics and overall this game was super fun! I actually found the humour amusing. Great job!

I loved the 2.5D graphics, kinda reminds me of Don't Starve. The lighting and music are also well done, but I can't seem to find the exit of the game.

An exciting game with stellar pixel art and just the right level of difficulty. I really enjoyed it!

For sure. Cameron (the artist) and I tried our hardest to make the objects as identifiable as possible but that is a great challenge in 8-bit with the palette. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

If only you could win...

This game is difficult like all games in this genre should be. Very fun, however repeating previous comments, there was no sound and the controls were a bit floaty. Good work!

I really liked the art style and I loved the music and sounds. Great work!

Cool animations and nice sound effects. Super cozy game with an elegant art style. I found jumping a little difficult but the game was enjoyable nonetheless.

This game is super fun, and looking at it from the perspective of a 48 hour game jam it's mind blowing. Somehow, this game is creepy and funny. I've got to say, there's nothing more fun than burning a bunch of grandmas to death with a flamethrower, and using the omega blaster is super bad-ass. The anouncer is a great addition and adds to the bad-ass-ness. I did get stuck on the 8th level because it still said there was one more grandma, but I would have happily played for multiple hours.

Fun platformer with nice and simple controls, and nice music. The art wasn't the most sophisticated, but it didn't remove from the game at all. Being able to throw humans is an interesting concept, and there were plenty of levels for a game jam.

Cool platformer with easy-to-use controls. Nice music and sound, but there's only one level. Reminds me of I Am Bread.

Cool idea that is the only of it's kind in this jam. Trying to line up the perfect sandwiches was pretty addicting. Moving around the blocks actually felt smooth. The mechanics are super easy to understand which means you can just pick up and play. My least favorite part of the game is that the window doesn't scale bigger, but that isn't a big issue and I could still understand the game at 1080p. 

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The music and art is fantastic, however the game is otherwise lacking. It would be nice to know what the controls were, and you can't get past the third room, because the dog causes the game to stop working.

Very well made and original concept. The controls are definitely ergonomically horrifying. I don't normally rage at games but this is an exception, the difficulty and speed at which you must play requires skill. I did find you were able to beat the game without picking up any of the post-its.

I appreciate it! Getting lots of detail is definitely a challenge when it comes to using 3-bit RGB, and using small 8-bit graphics adds to the difficulty, because you can't blend the colors. That being said, our artist, Cameron, did a fantastic job.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It's a $3.99 in-app purchase, and we only accept payment in aged cheese.

Thank you! I know we should have told you how to play in-game, and I was supposed to explain the controls in the video but I didn't.