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this is insanely fun, this is an amazing game and I can't wait to buy it.

very cool!

been waiting so long to see this!

it was really fun, good couch coop

cool game can't wait to see where it goes

a warioware clone with a linux version, whats not to love? thanks a ton!

I've been missing warioware thanks lil b

fun experience

this is what I imagine it's like to take to much benedryl 

tar.gz would be a nice way to distribute the linux version

bad ass game!

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Adorable, also, there's a demo for the Android version but I can't download the Android version, is the APK not available for it?

What fighting games do you take inspiration from?

Neat stuff! Had fun with it on local!

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mfw wii port but no linux port :(

neat game though!

wine sucks

I'd also be fan of Iinux support

it's pretty neat, I would have appreciated a linux version but I understand why you don't have one.

The games pretty fun, I feel like more control when in the air would be nice, along with a shorter overall jump distance. Also a slower ramp up of enemys and maybe even better visibility would be helpful.

I loved fighting the thousand eyed beast

Congrats on the release!

any chance on a linux version and how far along is the development of the game? is there a roadmap?

legendary game

this is sick

wheres the source link?