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We were thinking of scrambling the rooms but keeping the starship layout the same, this way it introduces a bit of randomization instead of having to completely go in blind each time you play. Keep in mind we are planning over 50 levels in total, which means that you only get to play 1/3 of them at once thanks to the faction system - already encouraging replayability!

Catland has been hard at work making our latest prototype and we would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Pick the losing side. In Starship Saboteur, you will end a galaxy-spanning war the only way you know how - by gathering a band of misfits and destroying the war machines fueling the conflict with your skills of subtlety and sabotage.

In this prototype, infiltrate the Celestial cruiser Magellan, a huge starship full of opportunities for subtlety, sabotage - or brute force. Space people out through windows, tranquilize the patrolling guards or disable to shields to have an enemy faction invade and do your job for you. Lots of possibility in a small prototype - which can be completed fully pacifist OR fully guns blazing!

In-game there is a link to a survey you can fill that helps us tremendously to find a market and improve what we already got. Please fill it, thank you!