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I like the theme of this game better than Papers Please, I enjoy the mix of folklore and bureaucracy.

I clicked the password box to try and type in a guess, and then what i assumed was a glitch (the background going grey) turned out to be the key to my success. But after I figured that out it was pretty easy. Maybe put a more cryptic hint in the bottle.

Nice game, most of the challenge comes from figuring out what the cheat code are. Which I wasn't very successful in. I at least got a good stream of Zoeys going :).

Can I cheat and get the cheat list : ))?

Cool game, I only managed 3rd level. I liked the tutorial telling me what to press how to not be off screen after I got off screen, because it happened at the exact moment when I was thinking "what am i supposed to do?"

Thank you! I didn't have time to make art for it, had to settle for badly drawn faces

Thank you :) I still have things to fix in the game

You have to think of something when you're bored at work

I "animated" Zoey, 2 whole frames of animation :))

I'm glad you liked it ^_^

I can't figure that bug out, I have all my deltaTimes where they need to be. I thinks it's something more subtle that I'm missing. Do you know of a way how I could replicate the more frames effect? so that I could at least debug the problem

Interesting, I thought I made it so you couldn't get thru the bottom without getting smaller.

Thank you for playing!

I should credit the music. It's made by Benjamin Tissotfrom 

It shows in my unity correctly, I have a script that adjusts the camera. It works for most people, there are 3 people I know of that it doesn't work for. Did you try full screen? maybe it'll work that way

Thank you! :( I don't think I can finish this issue in time for the jam

Hello, thanks for the reply! 

I think the later levels have a better message attached to them.

What do you think about these two?

In this one you need to make one cannon shoot the enemy blocking your way

In this one you need to be big enough when you enter the tunnel bellow, otherwise you won't make it

Can you please check if it works now?  :)

Thank you! I'll work on it, do other unity games work for you?

Hello, I think you should cut down on the platforming sections that don't require you to use one of your friends. The parts where I had to use my friends with all their different shapes was great. It seemed like just by changing their shape you can get new utility out of them. I'd like to see more levels with bigger and weirder shapes. Maybe ditch the "only one" idea from the jam :D



Space ball (title in progress) is a space shooter where you have to bounce a ball into an enemy.

In this demo state it features only one level and no power ups.

I appreciate any feedback. 

If you're not sure what feedback to give then I have a list of questions.

- was the game is fun?

- was the game intuitive to play?

- what aspects of the game caused confusion?

- was there a strategy involved in winning, or was it random?

-what strategies did you use if any?

- was the game easy or hard?

- was there any performance issues?

Hello, I stood still till until it said times up, and then bolted for the gems, managed to get 43 this way.

After you play for a while you start getting crazy ideas like going in a specific pattern, I like that it makes you get creative.

Really nice game. I'd add levels and maybe power up gems that let you get rid of clones when you touch them.

Ok, this is actually really fun. Are going to add more features?