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as of today, the demo has been uploaded here, however, i was unable to salvage the project in a way that allowed me to incorporate small changes i had made. oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey thanks! im so glad you liked it :3 the flowers are generated first choosing a pre-made mesh from a list to create the petals, and the textures are similarly pre-made and pulled from a list.

eventually, yes. mostly been taking a break from focusing on development too much and prioritizing some other things in my life atm.

plan for the "release" is to take the demo from the HPS1 Demo Disc, toss in the few extra things i have that weren't included, and put it up so there's at least some evidence of the work i did.

thanks for playing!! <3 if you'd like to discuss an interview, please message me on twitter (@cathroon).

hey thanks for playing!!! i'm glad you enjoyed it. <3

and to satiate your curiosity, here's the legend that the game is loosely based on:

Hi! The greenhouse cassette has this song by the band Lamp on it. In no particular order, here are the other tracks used throughout the glade.

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We're planning on releasing a v1.03 down the line, so I'll make sure to include this. :)

You should be able to place the red orbs into the garden beds inside the greenhouse, to grow flowers. Placing blue orbs in the grass will grow seed trees. :)