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Hello! GREAT prologue!
I don't have Steam, so I was wondering if you plan to release the full version here on itch, as well?

Thanks for the reply! I'm  at least glad for those checkpoints.  I'll probably come back to the game and finish it some day soon, was just a bit taken aback yesterday. ;)

Loved the aesthetics of this! And it took me quite a while before I knew what I was supposed to do.
One thing though, and it might be me missing something crucial, but I would love for the game to save my progress (or an option to save manually). After a lot of progress, if you accidentally fall, it throws you back to a certain point saying "you got lost too far" and then you have to redo all your progress. I was almost at the end (I think), but when this happened, I lost my motivation to finish the game.
The only other thing I could wish for here is an option to rotate my point of view with the keyboard, so as to not have to use both keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, an option to navigate/walk with the mouse!
But all in all it was amazing and really clever!

Thank you for these lovely games! It has been wonderful to see both all the locations and all the tiny details! I'm a big fan of this whole idea, with more and more close up photographies. Loved this one, as usual! Looking forward to see what your next project will look like!

Will the Steam versions work on a Mac? :)

Thank you so much! :)  Looking forward to try it out tonight.

Dang. Thanks anyway. I can still play the free online versions so I'll be fine :) A shame though! I love your work and would love to play in full resolution! :)

The same problem happened twice more. It seems to occur when I've pushed down the centre and right levers on the big, gray device, but not the left lever, and then try to reach the room with the large, orange electric device. It happened both when I tried to reach that room from the right and from the left. It doesn't happen when I've pushed all three levers. I'll quit playing this game for now and hope to get a solution so I can finish it later!

Here's a screenshot of the second error.

Hi! I just downloaded and started playing the game. This happened to me twice, everything froze (including cursor movement) and all I was able to do was to force quit the game via my keyboard.  It seems to be the same error message twice, but I wasn't able to scroll down. What is this?
I'm running itch on an iMac with Mojave, version 10.14.6

Will this game be available for Mac? I'd love to purchase it but I only have a Mac. I've already played the free online versions so I know about those :)