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Got these on Steam a while back and have been having all kinds of fun. My project has moved into the 3D realm, and so have these tiles! Can't wait to make materials out of them and give them some actual appearance of depth.

Hi there! It can indeed split DLC tilesets, but unfortunately only those I've added manually to the program. This means collecting and adding each individual tile, one at a time.

Thanks to some feedback I've had recently, I'm going to add a "quick split" feature - this will attempt to split tiles in a manner appropriate for a tileset type (for A1 to A4), or just at the base tile size - 32 or 48 pixels.

Sorry for the really late reply! I had no idea people were posting in here. o.o;;

The plans are to add as many resource packs as I can, but it's an incredibly time-consuming process. I'm just going to keep at it. Now that I've recovered from COVID and then some other respiratory nonsense, I'm hoping I can put more time toward this.

I'm glad you posted it here because I just checked three different tile atlases, and while I know I saw it after you had replied here, but I've apparently gone utterly blind and could not find it. Thanks so much!

Such is my distaste for NFTs that I shut down a fan website I ran because the company that made the game it was for decided to make an NFT game.


No. These assets are for game development.

Hi! I'm loving your work and just recently picked up this and the complete collection. Do you happen to have a palette available so when I do start adding some of my own stuff I can do it fairly easily without having to eyedropper from existing tiles?

Flying out of the sun
The smell of toast is in the air
When there's a job to be done
The Flying Toasters will be there
And it's flap! flap! flap!
Now help is on its way
This vict'ry song we sing
Flying out of the sun
On Flying Toaster wings!

...I can't believe I still remember that. I miss the sound effects, song and other miscellaneous happenings from the original. Like the toaster conga, with a blender.


No, the other eggs are all the same size. There's no other sizes, only colour and style variations.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I had the same issue. This might be helpful. Licenses are important as they protect you and the people using your stuff!

Holy shorts.
This is amazing.
It was only just recently, after watching a video someone made covering what they went through when they released a game, that I wondered how the heck am I going to to find half the resources this guy did? Well, this thing is a huge shove in the right direction.

That's just what I'd been doing when life got in the way! Do let me know when you have something going; I'd love to see!

Oh, dear. That would be me! I'll happily share the project once it's finished. It's just a small, basic thing in RPG Maker to show people that a game doesn't need to have 1000+ maps to be decent, or even playable, so I'm making the entire game in a single map. I'm finding these tiles to be quite versatile, with pretty minimal modifications, and I'm using Open Game Art characters.

Thanks for the great work! I found the pixel effects first, but bought the whole lot of stuff. These mobs are just the thing I didn't even realise I needed.