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ive gone too far. i made anime real.

i got stuck at third level :(

secret key is the alt key :)

if you press space while in tiky mode, he'll flip upside down and make a noise :)

this is a wonderful, relaxing game. i dont have anything else to say its just good.

thank u for your words of encouragement :)

(1 edit)

oh gosh this game is so so so hard

edit: the game keeps insulting me when i lose :(

what are the endings in the game and how do i get them?

that wasnt helpful at all :(

whenever i try to play it in my browser it gets stuck at around 68 and i dont know which file to download (googling it didnt help). help would be very appreciated!

im in pain :)

jesus how long did this take you my guy

broken game ending. maybe somthing related to the man in the basement and the fun dude? i dunno i just think it would be fun to have a meta ending ok sorry bye