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WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic DevLog?

Hi Panstasz.

Your game is awesome and I am really interested in how did you do some graphic and gameplay moments. Like how those waves and old screen shaking works or what happens in game like do all action happen in the same "room" or it just transfer you from one to another where happens certain event (but I guess it all happens in the same room) and etc.

I will glad if you make a DevLog (after you finish the game of course) or something like this, because I found that it surely will be interesting to read or listen.

Thanks a lot for your game (even it’s not finished yet)!

I've got HzVyJy335 (as password), but I guess it is a part of a something big. So I guess we need try to collect them...


after you can access to the door (actually it is white line of pixels in the right wall)

You can, but now i understand why it's hard. You should interact w/ mirror (that thing that righter than cupboard), after second you will get SMS...

Hi, I'm sorry that you couldn't play (anyway there is no much to play). I already make a fix and a bit broke entire game post. So check this out or go straight to download via GDrive


I tryed to make a fix for game, but I accidentlly deleted game and just can't upload it back! I will re-upload in Google Drive.