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You know when someone says something is "normal" that is a complete opposite.

Will this game be controller compatible in the future?

Is this game Controller Compatible?

I thought the spirit disappeared after you use the candles.

You gotta love no commentary sometimes (or many times). Talking kills the mood and the focus on the game sometimes.

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Hey, I played Your game and found some bugs like the spirit at the door. Also, When in the attic earlier no tin the video the text on the letter lapsed off on the yes and no. Otherwise it is a swell game. 

It also reminds me of Waxworks And Capcom's Sweet Home.

I calling it. This game is going to be on Steam.

I was surprised this game came up on alpha beta gamer. Had I remembered you were the creator of the game the third shift, I wouldn't be surprised that this game would be successful as a demo at first. 

Reminds me of Uninvited or Sweet Home. Or the Enigma Of Salazar House.

Who originally Sang the end credits of the game? Or What Band did the ending Jazz Blues Theme? 

The minute I saw this game I saw references to Kirby, Megaman, and Pokemon . And I had to like it.

OK Doc!

Is this a horror game?

I like this game it is neat.

I beat the game.

It's like Manhunt.

This Game is Impressive.

$2.99 to $ 299.99

A playthrough

I just Backed it. It was no problem my good sir. I believe Alisa the Awakening will Revive the type of Survival horror in third person that people have been waiting for.

Have You tried relasing this to pc?

This Game I Played To The Music Of Bonnie Tyler , And At The Same Time I Find This Game In My Opinion To Be The Second Game I Wish Could Come Out This Year.

Aw that’s no problem the game is still very indeed atmospheric ,fun and adventurous   . I like the vibrant colors of the game.   and the game where you’re in the desert is pretty innovative. And the one with bamboo word Wielder climbing the hill is also very reminiscent of my childhood.

Is this controller compatible?

When You play a game you love so many times you don't care that you lose.

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Hey uh Mr.Croes. Is there any special Demo Downloaded of the Valentine's Day Season Pack For Alisa?Which is similar to the demo version of the Christmas ,and Easter Seasoned demo pack? or a way to look for those demo season pack specials in the feed or log? Or Are Those Limited Too ? Augh!!

Is This Game Controller Compatible?

On a lighter Note I played only a couple minutes of the game. But I think It has nice painted Visuals and there was crystal and a boy near a gate.

I Have Delightful News The Steam Key Worked! 

Is it controller compatible?

There isn't much options left for me but to accept what's there.

Well in my account that is...

Yes I'm aware of that yet the issue is there is no Steam Claim Key Present.

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I purchased this game on yesterday for $1.99 and it clearly said a steam key would be there.  from

Will This game actually Come out on May 31st 2021?

I don't undertand Theres no links on patreon or itchio