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Holy moly! this game looks like a re-enactment of history ! Yeah!

OK Doc!

Is this a horror game?

I like this game it is neat.

I beat the game.

It's like Manhunt.

This Game is Impressive.

$2.99 to $ 299.99

A playthrough

I just Backed it. It was no problem my good sir. I believe Alisa the Awakening will Revive the type of Survival horror in third person that people have been waiting for.

Have You tried relasing this to pc?

This Game I Played To The Music Of Bonnie Tyler , And At The Same Time I Find This Game In My Opinion To Be The Second Game I Wish Could Come Out This Year.

Aw that’s no problem the game is still very indeed atmospheric ,fun and adventurous   . I like the vibrant colors of the game.   and the game where you’re in the desert is pretty innovative. And the one with bamboo word Wielder climbing the hill is also very reminiscent of my childhood.

Is this controller compatible?

When You play a game you love so many times you don't care that you lose.

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Hey uh Mr.Croes. Is there any special Demo Downloaded of the Valentine's Day Season Pack For Alisa?Which is similar to the demo version of the Christmas ,and Easter Seasoned demo pack? or a way to look for those demo season pack specials in the feed or log? Or Are Those Limited Too ? Augh!!

Is This Game Controller Compatible?

On a lighter Note I played only a couple minutes of the game. But I think It has nice painted Visuals and there was crystal and a boy near a gate.

I Have Delightful News The Steam Key Worked! 

Is it controller compatible?

There isn't much options left for me but to accept what's there.

Well in my account that is...

Yes I'm aware of that yet the issue is there is no Steam Claim Key Present.

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I purchased this game on yesterday for $1.99 and it clearly said a steam key would be there.  from

Will This game actually Come out on May 31st 2021?

I don't undertand Theres no links on patreon or itchio

Sir If I  may ask where is the Enypnion has a Steam Key?

I bought the game so wheres the steam key file if I may ask?

Is it controller compatible for a point and click game?

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If you had to estimate how many years this game would take to be made I would assume quite a while like 3 - 5 .

Another issue my good sir DarkDayAfternoon, is even when I am using a mouse (mine is wireless) regardless, and decide to go to the inventory pressing i or I on the keyboard I don't think It will proceed with allowing me to go back to resume playing the game, but If I click quit game twice it lets me quit the game. Also There are some issues of controls with the input for Xbox controllers can I map these controls out?

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I like the premise of these games but there seems to be an issue with the controller for people like me where the the camera in third person spins around aruptly.

 How can I fix this?

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No what  I mean by stuck to the ground when after the Doll Eater gets killed or turns pale or grey.  Of course I've been killed by the Big guy a number of times yet all you have to do is shoot him the face if you can. It's hard to get the Toothwheels from the enemy. You can't move him and or acquire all but it's up to you  to decide how the game is planned. You control the action. Yes I know there's three toothwheels in the sink. The game like the early Resident Evil Franchise and the predecessor Alone In The Dark, has you searching for items in hidden places. Then You Take the Toothwheels to Pol and if You get 12 of them you can get Alisa's "Combat Gear" . Which the outfits and attire have different "status reliefs" or advantages like defense, stealth (The initial blue teal dress) etc.)

   I should show a video of what happens later on. With the issue. If consider this one.
But  you're right now that I remember it is 10 toothwheels I just remember to save my toothwheels. I mean I've played this game several times and I think this is the only game I find anticipating more than any other this year. 

  I mean I saw A no commentary YouTube channel play this game and instantly I've never seen anything so 90's fashioned or steampunk with an extra bit of history in there.

  Otherwise If only I had a chance to donate on Kickstarter.

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Mr Croes I don't mean to complain yet there's a problem I've encountered during the gameplay demo of this very exquisite Unity based 3rd person Steampunk Horror Action game. It's that when you run into that giant fat robot or "Doll Eater" as you call it and (supposingly ) eventually defeat him when you try to acquire all the Toothwheels after he falls down, it's very hard and perplexing at certain times to get all the toothwheels (at least I would believe 14). There's also hidden toothwheels in the sink.  But I still managed to get more than often 6 toothwheels .  The Doll Eater keeps getting stuck often solid to the ground, and quite hard to push him.

When You made This game did you use either Unity Hub or Unreal?

And The Controller Support Is Partial.

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I have a problem with this game. I Have The Windows Download Of It But It brings Me To Steam Only.

I think they used unity?