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i see your secondary post of the log and am working on it.

Thank you for your report,  working on this particular issue,  ill let you know if i need more information.

Hello again,  i should have been more specific,  i need you to press F12 when the error occurs and send a picture of the console  error that pops up. Thank you.

Hey there, thank you for reporting the issue, I believe it is resolved in V1.41, do let me know if any other problems arise.

Ill need you to press f12 when the error happens and show me the console log of the error, it will help hunt down the problem. 

I've been unable to reproduce the issue, so you'll have to make a miniature project reproducing the error for me to look at to successfully hunt it down.

hey, if you send me a screenshot  of your error in the console  log, it will help me get to the bottom of the issue.

Hey, sorry I've been overwhelmed with RL stuff, I found a chance to update this, but had to work quickly. I've fixed the "x" error I believe, just thought I should let you know, the smoothness I'll have to get back to you on, with my mv3d experiments I suspect that its related to the size you set the mv3d world chunks to.

200+  32x32 icons.
For use in rogue likes or rpgs, whatever suits your game making purposes.
16 sword types with 16 different color.

Hey! That is a good idea, there isn't currently a way to do that, but in the next update I'll be certain to allow one to enable allowing a random assortment of items to be chosen for the map, as well as allowing you to configure the magnitude of the amount of items excluded.

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Sorry again for the trouble, but thanks to your project i was able to root out more than one issue, and I realized I forgot to tell in the documentation, item type, tier name, and table name have to surrounded in quotes when used in script call, updated documentation will relay this! 

And the reason it quit working completely is because the minimum level on a loot table was set to 0, I correctly limited it to level 1.
I gone over it multiple times for an hour, testing every command/ script call, and transfering maps, reloading saves, and it appears to be  working fine now in the latest version V1.07.

Here's the fixed project, i changed comments and commands to show the script calls that require quotes and where the quotations are required.

As usual, do tell me if anything else gives you trouble!

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hey again! I may need a miniproject representing these new issues, ive been unable to reproduce them and im certain  im missing something!

Thank you :)

Hello again! I believe I've resolved most the crash issues if not all of them, and possibly some other ones, as usual let me know if things give you trouble, the version is 1.06  Once again I appreciate your help in hunting down issues, I wish my testing revealed these as quickly as yours does! Hope you have a merry Christmas!

And KoTCDataPoolLootDropRoll should work now as well (:

I'll be sure to separate the discard command and the drop command in the next update.

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Excuse the typos in my instructions, limited time doesn't allow me to check up much as I'd like, here's the real instructions, and I've added the ability to make a common event run when an item is picked up, both in the map loot config and in the notes, in V1.05!

<KoTC Display Scale: SCALE> Example: 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, 1.5 is 150%, 2 is 200%

<KoTC Pickup Audio: AUDIO> Name of audio without extension. Example: Damage1

<KoTC Pickup Audio Pitch: NUMBER> Pitch of audio to play.
<KoTC Pickup Audio Volume: NUMBER> Volume of audio to play. 

<KoTC Pickup Audio Pitch Variance: NUMBER>
Variance of the pitch.
Example: if this is 20, and pitch is 100, pitch will vary from 80 to 120.

<KoTC Common Event: COMMONEVENTID> ID of common event you wish to run whenever this particular item is picked up. If set to 0 or not included, is disabled.

I can do 2 and 3 too, I'll let you know when I add those features in as well. :)

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I should have all your suggestions, and everything should be fixed in V1.04, do let me know!
:) I'm glad you appreciate my hard work, i appreciate your detailed error reports, I want everyone to have the best loot system they can get.
I have resolved the flickering issue, and the issue where picture icons scaled larger than they should when picked up. I have also added the option to set a specific  display scale to on map loot in the parameters.  I also believe I've gotten the text properly offset based on the scale.

But if one wants to set the parameters such as audio or specific display scale of a Discarded item for when next picked up, use these notes.

<KoTC Display Scale: SCALE> Example: 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, 1.5 is 150%, 2 is 200%
<KoTC Pickup Audio: AUDIONAME> Name of audio without extension. Example: Damage1
<KoTC Pickup Audio Pitch: NUMBER> Pitch of audio to play.
<KoTC Pickup Audio Volume: NUMBER> Volume of audio to play.
<KoTC Pickup Audio Pitch Variance: NUMBER>
Variance of the pitch.
Example: if this is 20, and pitch is 100, pitch will vary from 80 to 120.

Hey! Sorry about the issues, but I can see why it was crashing, should be fixed in 1.03, thanks for helping me root them out :)
I couldn't find these during testing.

I may have fixed your flickering but still haven't been able to reproduce the issue, so if its still happening let me know, if so i may need a miniproject with one map containing he issue to root it out.

You are welcome! I believe I have resolved the discard item crash issue in 1.02, give it a try and let me know what happens.
I've not been able to re create the flickering yet, but I will test more and try to figure that out!

My previous reply was for the previous message! Don't be sorry, thanks again for the error report, ill look into it!

Hello Makeratore! I am sorry you are running into trouble, but you can rest assured that it will be resolved, I've made some minor changes that could possibly resolve your issue in V1.01, let me know what happens! And thank you for the detailed error report, really helps speed things up :)

Hey there Makeratore!

It wasn't compatible but it is now, I have tested with item renaming, and discarding. When you discard an item, it will be placed on a random empty tile next to the player, if an item has a picture or picture image assigned to it, it will show that as the visual loot on the map instead. And if you are using the <Text Color: ID> it will color the name of the visual loot drop upon display appropriately.

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Hey Kaylogan!

I have not tasted with other shapes but if it is the exact same size and file name, then it should work, i will test to see though so i can help resolve any issues you are having :)

What exactly is going wrong when you attempt to use these modes?

Puctures ora little project file can help!

Thank you for reporting the issues you are having.

Hey there Dabby! I recently updated the waypoint system, as well as my map system, all support page comments now with the same format as the map notes, and update as pages update for greater control :)

Thank you for your report! Im about to update the system so its good timing, ill sort out this issue for you and post agsin once i belirve ive tracked it down :)

Good evening Dabby!

That is a good idea and itt would be possible, i will look into and let you know when its updated :)

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Hello again Oktober! 
I may be getting close to a solution, the version i uploaded last could have possibly solved it for you, but if not, you could send me your project, or send me the map that is having the issues, in a project with mz3d setup with your configuration so i can watch the events and make certain that i've tracked down the problem for you.

Discord: Castiger#0538
Castiger on the rpg maker forums
or wherever works for you.

Good afternoon Oktober! :
I am sorry that MZ3D is having issues with this, but I  still got a few days of MZ trial left to work with, we will get to the bottom of the issue until its gone!

I believe that MZ3D is changing the mathmatics of movement speed, i will look into it and get back to you asap.

Thank you for reporting the issue ^^

Happy to help! I must thank you as well, it was a good idea, and I want my script to be just right for everyone :)
It seems to be all in working order, updated version is up!

V1.1 Allowed Custom YOffset.

Updated the documentation, make sure to read it, each waypoint requires input of the Y offset now for optimal placement within your game.

Added commands to enable or disable the waypoint system.

You are welcome!

Aw no worries, its always good to hear that my scrupt is causing no trouble, im about to update it to allow Y acis changing for each waypoint type.

Enjoy the waypint system ^^

Im happy you like it!

What i will do is update it again tonight and allow you to set the y offset for each of the waypoints in the notes, that way it can be exactky where you need it :)

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Hey there KernOS! 
I am sorry you are having trouble, we will root out the issues together until there are none though :)
1 Can you tell me exactly which type of waypoint you are using? And copy and paste the exact format in which you are using it as well!

2 Can you press f8, reproduce the crash, and send me a screenshot of the first error/red text in the console?

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Hey there Ninja Monkey! I am sorry you are having issues, I've been unable to reproduce these issues, i have tested on all 3 modes with map exploration mode off, so there must be something more to it! Would be happy to get to the bottom of this asap, thank you for reporting it :)

But 4 more things, you are not running both the Basic and Advanced version at the same time right?

And have you tried deleting the plugin from the active plugins list and re adding it??

And are you using the latest version of RPG Maker MV as in, 1.6 from steam?

Last, if you've already tried those 2 and theres been no change, I'll need you to reproduce that crash error "r of null" and press F8, then take a picture of the top most error / Red Text, in the console, that'll better allow me to track it down!

I am glad that it is operating correctly now at least, best of luck sorting out your project though! :)
You are Always welcome, And thank you for consistently reporting any problem you come across, i appreciate it!

Oh no! 

Im sorry to hear it, this is a very strange issue, does it happen the moment the game starts, or at a particular time??

Thank you for reporting this, i can't always test as much as I would like so i appreciate you finding issues!
I've rooted this one out and it is gone now, and will do so until there is not one left :)

V1.13 Fixed even more issues with commands, smoothed out transition into map that has limited vision.

Fixed in V1.12, should all be in working order now, let me know if anything else gives you trouble! :)

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:) Yes there is documentation fir each command as short and soecific as i can be with examples. 

Made conpatable with Yanfly Yep Region Restrictions  too if you use that

We can talk wherever wirks for you!

I have discord, fb/messenger, steam, battlenet. 

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Happy to do it! I want everyone to have things just the way they like, will do my best to make that  happen.

Yep Region Restrictions comparable 

V1.3 released, experimental so tell me if anythings being wackY!

I've successfully gotten directional passability into the system, but due to extra cpu usage based on map size, i've made it optional, you add to the map notes you wish to use ladders or anything else with limited directional passability:

<KoTC Advanced Pathmap>

And that map should allow you to do complicated pathfinding if all is in working order :)

V1.3 Experimental massive update, many commands added for a variety of pathfinding, added option to detect directional passability of tiles on specific maps for performance purposes.

Its been complex but I believe i've got it all stablized enough for you to test, do tell me if you want anything added, or if anythings not working correctly!
Thank you very much :) I'd certainly like to spread my work wide as possible, as well as making sure it is quality work for everyone to enjoy usage of ^^
If you like, i'm starting to get used to figuring out how to do whatever needs doing in Javascript, even if it takes a moment!

V1.3 Experimental massive update, many commands added for a variety of pathfinding, added option to detect directional passability of tiles on specific maps for performance purposes.

Hey there!

Aw thank you, i appreciate the donation  and im happy to be of assistance (:

I been working at it steadily and its just about ready for that next update, im certain ill have it out early today.

You are warmly welcome!

Thank you for bringing this to my sttention, ill restructure the path map to take into consideration directional passagein the coming update :)