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Haven't played it yet, seems really cool, I just wish there were options to change the font in settings or something. :/ It is really hard for me to read!

I definitely enjoy the whole concept behind that idea. I just couldn't help but feel unsatisfied getting the same statement of doubt at the end, regardless of if I got it right. Hahah.

So... does the game give no indication when you are right? 

When's part 2 coming? Loved it!

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Of course. I have played most of your other games as well -- I have to say, I love the style and types of stories your studio makes overall. This one is absolutely my favorite though, I'm not even sure if I could fully say why. The tone is just incredible, the protagonist's appearance and personality work perfectly. It's eerie from the start, even though you don't know why, and the endings are haunting in the most delicious way. I also loved the detail and focus spent on the artistry of the dollmaking.

Spoilers-ish ahead:
Possibly my favorite part are the mysterious cracked doll-face portions we begin to find. I immediately noticed, or had an idea of who it resembled, even though I didn't know where that would go. But just with the already established odd personality of the character, and at least how he seems to have some reclusive/attachment issues,  it already felt a bit eerie, even though everything was still unclear. The fact that these were clearly pieces of a doll's face, but there's no doll we have that it comes from? Spooky. The payoff for those pieces was just immaculate, and I ADORE that the symbolism was kept throughout that scene. It was beautiful and horrible, and I couldn't help but imagine what was REALLY in front of the protagonist's eyes at that point (rather than what he "saw"). 

The last thing I'll say is, I also really liked how ambiguous the protagonist was throughout the story. By being a reclusive single man who makes dolls, it's like he already was supposed to be creepy, but he actually wasn't. And through the dialogues, (ignoring that this factor of his personality is kind of decided by what the player chooses) he comes off quite self-aware, but maybe just a bit quirky. I really liked that fact; the fact that he was very understated and honestly, it really was unclear what was "going on", what was sinister, or who/what the "sinister" force was at first. In fact, from the way the game was made, I was really unsure of if the protagonist was "good or bad" for most of the game -- Because it seemed like he was probably SUPPOSED to be creepy, but also, he hasn't done anything and am I just predicting that because it would be "obvious"? Would it be TOO obvious, and they're just trying to make me think something is wrong with him simply because he's reclusive?  Is the twist that he's normal, or is the twist that he isn't? I really was teetering back and forth on that edge for most of the game, and I love that. 

Overall, I would absolutely love more creepy and narrative games like this from your studio. I honestly adored it!

I first played this game 4 months ago, and it remains, I think, my all-time favorite game I've played on itch at this point. 

I absolutely LOVED everything about this! ESPECIALLY the art! It is just gorgeous all around, with great atmosphere and gameplay. I love love loved it. Can't wait for a longer version, though I thought the demo length was really good and gave you a few levels to get the feel of the game.

Loved it, the note part was difficult (the sensitivity's still off) but I was able to make it work eventually! Unfortunately it never recognized the photo as finished so I couldn't proceed from there. :( Love the style, gameplay and writing though, hope to be able to finish playing soon!

I enjoyed your game a lot! I was wondering if you're looking for a proofreader or editor? The spelling mistakes unfortunately take away from the game. If you want to keep your project small, no worries!

I loved it, and the full voice-acting was such a nice touch. Probably the best part, IMO. My only thing is, why does the Comtessa's sprite look so out of whack? Her proportions in relation to all the other sprites makes her look ridiculous - she's completely tiny - and her arm is totally mangled on one of the speaking sprites. I wish she had been redone to fit better with the rest of the cast.
That said, I loved everything else about her, and the rest of the game too. 

Nice game! Took me a while to figure out the robots, and just the controls in general, but once I got how it worked it was very fun.