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Before I Forget

Before I Forget is a short first-person narrative exploration game about a woman with dementia. · By 3-Fold Games

A wonderful experience.

A topic by castfire created Jun 16, 2021 Views: 189 Replies: 1
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This game allows forum posts as opposed to the typical comment, but if it's appropriate, I thought I'd write some thoughts/praise here. Firstly, I acquired this game through the Palestine bundle and I'm thankful for that considering I may not have found this game otherwise. I just finished the game, my first playthrough, and just off my impression through my playthrough, though I did complete the game, I imagine there are things I have yet to discover and I may need to revisit it for another playthrough. (I don't know its mechanics or if there's just one way to finish it, but if that's not the case, there are places I didn't go that I imagine I would like to discover.) Overall, this game was an amazing experience and I appreciate it on several levels-- telling a story about dementia/alzheimer's firstly, something that affects many of us I am sure who are playing (as in, our family members); but additionally, the female first-person perspective and particularly our main character being an Indian woman I feel are experiences that are hardly realized or recognized within gameplay most of the time, particularly in "deep" or "psychological" games, or just otherwise games in general that make particular statements or stand of particular importance in discourse of mental health, and/or in games that are particular examples of using the unique game interface to engage with mental health topics in effective ways we haven't seen. The story of this game would have been great regardless of the identity of the protagonist, but I simply must say that it's incredibly wonderful to see a story like this highlighted through the particular lens of a protagonist like Sunita-- where her heritage, but mostly the experiences in her life, many of which are relevant to her race just by the nature of one's experiences growing up, provide relevance and contribute to painting the overall picture of the ultimate story depicted within this game. Again, I must say, a great experience overall and I really appreciate the details the developers took within this process. Amazing end result, incredible experience. I definitely recommend this game; it does not take long to play through to the end.


Thank you so much for the lovely review! So glad you enjoyed the game experience, and that you enjoyed so many of the things that we were really happy with about the game :)