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I'm glad the game made you feel inspired! I adore Wanderhome as well!!

Thank you so much for review copy!  I'm so impressed by the attention to detail across every piece. 

The creators were kind enough to send me a free copy. Take a look at the physical edition! 

I did a quick video of what you'll find inside this great game! 

Thank you so much for sharing all your pictures! That's strange that the audio files weren't coded or numbered for you. They are in every music player we tested, but Windows Media Player tends to want to put them in alphabetical order for some reason. Is that the music player you used? Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Of course!! 

I want to do print versions, but it's not a priority right now. Probably a spring 2024 release.

We are hoping to create a small (free) DLC pack at some point in the future, but no date has been set. Maybe 2024!

It's just narrative/RP-based. There is no official mechanic for it, but having thought of it ahead of time might give you more strings to tug as you answer the prompts. Enjoy!

Here's the video that's promoting the Kickstarter!

Kaden Ramstack's Journal

Ghost Candle's Playthrough:

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm glad you and your party enjoyed it!

YESSSS Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing! This is one of my favorite prompts in the game!

I had a great chat with The Weekly Scroll about tabletop RPGs. After my interview portion was done, they did a great and in-depth flip through of Clean Spirit. Check the video description for timestamps!

Yep! They will have a rolling release. I hope to get the first one out in August 2023. For now, I'm focusing on finalizing and distributing physical copies of Tangled Blessings. 

Thank you!!

I wanted to share a few playthroughs! These players used the press edition of the game. It hasn't changed much since their playthrough, but you might find notice some differences!

Such an amazing journal! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Hey there! I have options for you!

  • Dark Tarot offers a printable tarot deck that is lovely and printer friendly here (PDF warning).
  • Spells 8 offers a PDF of the classic Rider Waite-Smith deck here (PDF warning).
  • If you have Tabletop Simulator, here's a free tarot deck you can add as a mod.
  • You can even cut out 78 pieces of paper or cardstock and simply write the names of each cards on them, looking up interpretations on the internet as you play. You can find a complete list of tarot cards here.
  • You can also use this major arcana picker and use a standard deck of cards in place of the minor arcana (you'll be one card short a suit, but not the end of the world).

Knave of Cups has a great selection of tarot cards. Just make sure you choose a tarot deck and not an oracle deck. If you use code THETOWER when checking out, you’ll get $5 off your order of $25 or more!

Share your links! Let me know if I can link to your journal on  the Tangled Blessings webpae.

Want to share general thoughts? Here's the space for you!

Confused about something or have a general question? Feel free to ask it!

If you find something that you believe is an error, please share it here. 

SmallTownCreepy recently posted a scroll through of What Crooked Roots! It gives a great sneak peak at what's inside, including the encounters and art. 

I finally posted my flip through of the physical edition! I really enjoyed looking through this, and I can't wait to get it to the table!

Oh my gosh!! This made me tear up! Thank you so much for playing!! 💜💜💜

I am obsessed with this!! Thank you for submitting to The Sticker Jam!

Feel free to upload a preview that you can update later!

Thanks for checking out Clean Spirit!

It's easy to run Clean Spirit for a move-in experience! You'll want to make sure the group has a good understanding of the location they're moving into, but ensuring group goals are move-in based instead of focused on cleaning will help. Players should focus on setting rooms up during play, describing how they are organizing items and furniture as a group. Many of the moves on the character sheet are designed with unpacking in mind, so as players go through boxes or suitcases of items, they can pull stuff out to gain motivation and make progress. I think you'll see what i mean when you review the way players make progress in the "start" section.

Hope this helps!

You may have only downloaded the art zip. You can download the PDF separately or you can download the complete PDF to get everything in one file. Thanks for checking it out!

This is such a nifty little game! I posted a flip through on YouTube! Check the timestamps to jump to it! 

This is a very neat game! I posted a flip through on YouTube! Check the timestamps to skip right to it!

As someone from Missouri, I really love this! I posted a flip through and rolled on all the tables on YouTube! 

I did a flip through of this on Twitch! Here's the trimmed VOD. We really enjoyed the procedurally aspect as well as how fast it is to create a character. Can't wait to see the full monster generation tables!

Jen with Knave of Cups has started posting her incredible playthrough on Ao3. This playthrough is one of the best works of fictions I've ever read, and I seriously couldn't put it down. It's got drama, found family, romance, magic, humor, twists, and an incredibly imaginative world. 

Find it here.

Thanks for playing, Tim!

I did a flip through of the physical edition! The VOD is on YouTube. 

I did a flip through of our physical copy on Twitch! Here's the YouTube vod!

Oh wow! Thank  you so much for this thorough review!