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Songwoven played Clean Spirit live on Twitch! Here's the VOD from YouTube!


I hope you had a good time!!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Alec!! 

Thank you for playing and taking the time to write this! I so appreciate it!

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Zach from the Known Unknown posted a video review on TikTok!

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These are great. I really like the variety of styles! Thanks for sharing so many pages!

I'm really drawn to this sticker for some reason. I can't quite tell what it is, but I love the design.

Thank you!!!

This is beautiful!

Thought this was an interesting article worth sharing:

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What a wonderful game. Thank you so much for making it! I made a quick Untitled Moth Game in one minute video because I liked it so much. 

I didn't expect the promises I created to be so difficult to break, and I think that's part of the genius at work in the text. The prompts provided just enough to build from so the player can fill in the rest with hopes and dreams, making vows on which they hope to make good. I also love moth.

This is so fun, and I can't wait to have a go with it!

Seems like the cards for creatures on the Grim Coast got flipped around in two places. 

4. The boat house has text referencing Mercenaries, but the stats on the page are for a Skeleton. 

5. Graven Keep has text referencing Skeletons, but has a card with Mercenary stats.

Perfect game 10/10 stars.

Feel free!!! 

Can't believe I never posted our AP on here. We had a blast!!

I'm posting my companion and pet in the same post! How could I say no to asking Strawd Von Zawovich to join me on my journey???

I broke down The Sticker Game in less than 60 seconds if that's easier for you to digest than the Itch page!

Thank you so much for helping with it!

This is my favorite page from when I played. This is an NPC I created to take care of my pet. There are several stickers at work here, and I'm kind of obsessed with her. I'll probably draw this character at some point.

This is a short but impactful solo survival-horror roleplaying game. It offers a unique experience in which the layout contributes to the horror using only minimal typography. The required soundtrack is incredible at setting the perfect atmosphere. Very cool take! I hope this series continues someday!

I love them.

I have two favorite parts!  (Though I love all of it.)





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