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Just followed! thanks for the playthrough!  really cool to see someone play my game. If you want a game with a real story, you should check out my wizard's adventure 2d platformer! short 20-30 minute game but more fun and a lot more time went into it! if you end up playing it on stream let me know and I will certainly be there to watch!

I did, the difference between colors was randomly selected on one of the 3 main colors, and that difference was shrunk each correct guess until a certain limit. I think you're right though, the limit I had was too small, not really possible, something to fix for next time!

thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun! YOur best me and all my playtesters! None of us could get higher than 20! Congrats

I had a lot of fun! loved the intro too

The art and concept were great! I really loved the transition effects between reality and imagination!

What an interesting concept! I loved the main mechanic!! Very clever, kept me on edge, and the art is also very clean! (Music was also great)

I'm so glad you enjoyed! 

glad you enjoyed! When it comes to getting too hard I think I made the floor too low. When it changes color it has a limit to be .02 away from the color, something like .05 would've been better. Something for next time! 

Hey! I am so sorry for the delay. I have a link to a zip on dropbox that has a mac port. I don't have a mac to test it, so it may not work, but let me know! if it opens and runs for you then I can put it on the main page! let me know!

hey! Thank you for your interest in my game. I actually attempting to bring it to Mac before. Unfortunately, because I don't have an apple device myself, I could never fully test it.  I could try and build it to Mac for you but no promises it will work :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!