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is multiplayer going to be added?

Hey, I really enjoyed this game and thought it was a super interesting take on the original. I know this may not happen but It would be amazing to see a multiplayer version of this game as I think having friends or even someone playing as rex would be really cool. Regardless, astonishing game!

This is a really good game and i would love to see further development.

On an unrelated note, is there a reason why projectiles don't work and instead only Fulbright projectiles do?

For some reason I don't have the option to add any music as none of my mp3 or wav files appear?

What do people normally use for weapon, entity and level textures? Or do they create them themselves?

Finally worked. Thanks for the help.

Hi, thanks for the help however the test game feature does not seem to work. Any reasons why?

Do you have to code to use this engine?

Great game man!!!

Is there any way to make it work on windows 11 and if not is there any similar engine to this one that can work on windows 11?

This was a really good game both in terms of mechanics but also aesthetics.

how do you get out of the first area in solo?