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Are you thinking of taking the original setting and expanding it? A bit like a supplement? If so I think a collaboration might be best because I think I had a bit more material when I was originally creating the game and had to cut due to space reasons.

Thanks a lot for put this together, the inverted text on the "swishy" part of the final cross is a little hard to read. It might be easier to truncate that final background graphic.

In Solo mode have you had any thoughts about surrender or retreat options?

Rolling Stat versus Monster Difficulty (+1 for each additional opponent) feels superficially fair but I think there needs to be something about the monsters pursuing the party if they are left with no opponents, i.e. the party are fleeing the dungeon if they all retreat.

In Solo mode is the 3d6 option for Stat 3 monsters a typo? The suggested party size is three to four and if you generate more than two monsters per character they are extremely likely to lose.

It feels like this entry is meant to be 2d6.

With the HP cost for magic do you round up or down?

When you spend a stat point for a spell are all derived values also reduced or just stat?

I also have a question about how damage wagers are meant to work. Do you give up one bonus die for each wage reducing the total bonus pool until you're down to 2d6? Or do you trade 2d6 for the wager each time?

Do overwhelming penalty dice stack or do you take the highest value like with bonus dice?

Why is there no XP (or other kind) of reward when a player withdraws in a Power challenge. Mechanically it feels like you should always take the roll and the XP. Given that a failed roll may also generate XP it feels more logical that the XP reward should be for withdrawing. I'm curious about the rationale here.

I'm really intrigued by the premise you're using here. It's like a more upbeat version of things like "Belly of the Beast" and I love the idea that by default you drift into the "past" with all the relics and ruins that have been abandoned to their fate; it's a great metaphor.

Look forward to game outline appearing.

I found this idea really intriguing. Nice choice of illustration as well!

Hopefully fixed now. I think I spent so long trying to get a working cover image I forgot to upload the file! :facepalm: