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Carmilla Maria

A member registered May 01, 2023

Recent community posts

Hi, John!! I'd absolutely love to play this game. Unfortunately, I have no way of paying for it due to exchange rates (brazilian fan :3). Could you (or anyone else) reply to this whenever a community copy is available, please? 

XO, Carmilla.

By the way, Lady Blackbird is my favorite TTRPG of all time, and my game of choice to introduce new players to TTRPGs. I think I've GM'd LBB to a total of 20 newbies thus far. Huge huge fan of your work. <3

Hi Lari! I heard of Wickies via @goblinmixtape on tiktok, and was instanly obsessed. The artwork and the concept are gorge, and I love 2-player games in general. Unfortunately, due to exchange rates I cannot afford your game as of now :c Could you please reply to this when you can put out more Community Copies? <3 XO all the way from Brazil, Carmilla

Thank you very much 馃槶馃槶 so excited to play

Hi, Ira :) I'm a fan from Brazil and (thanks to our previous fascist president lol) the BRL is valued at 1 fifth of a USD :c So it'd be very expensive for me to buy the game in the close future. I was wondering if you could provide me with a Community Copy, or if I could pay a different price. Love love love your work. XO, Carmilla