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thank you!! i'm really glad it feels like a good read all these years on

this is short and sweet (and very beautifully rendered) but also i'm looking at it and trying to tally up the amount of work it must have taken to make bitsy do this, as an engine, which i have an immense amount of respect for. love it!

Is there a preferred email you have and/or a way to DM you?

Thank you so much for leaving this comment! It really made my day to hear that there are people out there having so much fun with the setting and really vibing with it.  🙏 It's incredibly cool that you've done so much with it!

I'm actually working on a longer new edition with more content + my take on some mechanics and if you want, I can get your group the link for the beta manuscript!

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We had a great time with VKiller!   ✨

Oh dang, ty!! I got the mic to work by launching it via the terminal but this is a much better solution, haha

Hi! I played your game on stream, so I thought I'd drop a link to the VOD in case you want to show people how it feels in play:

It was a great time; super glad to have had the opportunity!

Here's my playthrough of the game with voiced lines! It was a delight to get to play; thanks again for your hard work on it!

This game was so cute and nice! I only wished there was more of it because I love doing picross puzzles.

I've been turning this over in my head a lot since I initially read it a few days ago, since I've had thoughts about it also. I suspect some of the TTRPG appeal to conservatives/fascists/what have you comes from a mix of some of the below:

  • TTRPG origins in and overlap with things like wargaming, which in turn has overlap with military history nerds, which in turn has a venn diagram overlap with the fash
  • Game design around immutable and measurable race (and sometimes gender) characteristics
  • Ability to take refuge in the misguided notion that something being "historical" or "medieval fantasy" means excluding broad categories of people from agency
  • Stories focused around combat, which probably has some appeal to people who are really invested in the concept of might making right
  • And probably the most important one: TTRPG players haven't run enough of them out of the hobby

I'm really serious about the last one, because there's that saying about how if you don't chase a Nazi or two out of your bar, suddenly it's a Nazi bar? I think, essentially—the problem really is that a lot of gamers are kind of wishy-washy about icing people out—like, a lot of people were nerds who got excluded a lot growing up, so it's really hard to convince a lot of adult nerds that they should do that to someone else, even if the "someone else" genuinely sucks and is a literal fascist.

Like, don't get me wrong, I agree that there are absolutely ways in which this is a design problem insofar as I direly want to delete any reference to "race" as a mechanical concept, because that shit deserves to die off. I think TTRPGs could also stand to rethink the relationship they have to violence and colonialism and branch away from those things. But I'm not kidding about earnestly thinking the solution is to make facists feel incredibly unwelcome and unsafe in gamer spaces, which will probably need to involve convincing people in more "mainstream" TTRPG spaces to stop straddling the fence and help out.

absolutely loving HONK so far (i'm veryroundbird on twitter!) and i'm starting to work on implementing expression toggles for models. I don't know if anyone else has requested this yet, but if somehow you could toggle multiple expressions at once to wombo-combo them, it'd be super useful since I'm realizing I'm definitely going to run up against the 8-expression limit, ahaha

hi! I think it's acceptable to submit published games, yeah, so go ahead!

strictly speaking i own like one set of polyhedral dice i never use so i'm honestly a little fuzzy as to which ones are in the set, but it should have a use for a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 (d100 optional).

but also shhhh i'm not going to check that hard as long as it's in the spirit of providing a use for fancy sets of dice

:v ah, thank you!!