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Love the idea!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

About naming the recruits: It is available in the full game (Options menu).

Thank you for the reply! I manually added the execute_shell_simple_ext_x64.dll to the "Included Files".

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Hi, I have an issue while using this extension in GameMaker LTS. The .zip generated it doesn't include the file execute_shell_simple_ext_x64.dll. Do I miss something?

Is still this extension can be used in GM LTS?

Are the animals only in front view? Or are there others views?

Great game, I learned a lot about J.Hoover.

Hey, very nice game. I enjoyed it very much!

Oh sorry, my fault. now it works fine. Thank you for the help, and thank you for the work you do!

I downloaded the x64 version from the link above, but it doesn't work. It says "Variable <unknown_object>.execute_shell_simple_ext(102244, -2147483648) not set before reading it". Do I miss something? Thank you.

(The 32bit version worked fine for an year).


Cool game.

Today I release here on the demo of my upcoming game "Until the Last Plane". It's a WW2 Airfield management game in pixel-art. Hope you like the concept and any feedback is appreciated.

Hi all, i've just uploaded my first game here on It's a simple arcade/casual based on physics; there are shapes falling down and you have to put them into right place. Made with GameMaker Studio 2. Give me your impressions.

Ok understood. Thx.

Yes it works correctly. Contrast & brightness applied and exported. 


I have Windows 10 last version, with Ryzen 2600 and Asus Nvidia GTX 1070.

Here a screenshot:

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Sorry. I don't understand. I have an image 1600x1200. I use pixellation 12 (the max). It will export an image of 133x100 but not pixellated, the details are same as the original. In the preview the image is correctly pixellated.

I need a pixellated version of the input image.

Update: tried also the Sharpen property but the exported image is same as orginal.

I've just bought today PixaTool. I cannot export the modified image. I press "Export" then save the .png, but the result is the same as original image without pixellation.

Ok now i switched to another effect. I've made a smoke effect. It works well, but i noticed if i export into gif it ignore the CLS parameters, while in png (frames) it works (i importing it into GameMaker Studio).

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Ok, is more clear now. But i cannot obtain the desidered effect. In the "Sprite Render" window there is an animation but is not reproduced correctly. Also, when i press "Loop Animation" it set frames to 180, when i choose Render FPS 20 it out put 66-67 frames; but it seems not the correct effect. The 1/3 means it cuts the 2/3 frames? Or it make only the first 66 frames?

I wanna obtain an output of 12-15 frames, from the complete effect. Is doable?

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Done. Now the frames are 60. Exporting with gif or png doen't change.

And the exported gif is not the desidered effect. What i see in Pixel Render window is different.

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Sorry doesn't work.  It renders only a portion of the particle. Also there are not the same behavior; i cannot understand how to use those parameters. Also the "render" button acts as recording? 

Hi, is possibile to export the effect designed to a number of desidered frames? Actually it export to huge number (like 200) frames. But i need to make the entire effect throw only 12-15 frames.

Which are the frame size and posizion? I have to import in GMS2 and i need to know the specs to create individual frame from entire tilesheet.

Is possible to have it in 16x16? Or there is a way to rescale them?

This game is amazing! I like the idea behind and also i love the graphics style!

Amazing idea! I play it and i've found very funny.