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From what I gather the keys are only included for donations of $10 and up. If you did pay that, then, uhh..sorry, I'm too stupid to help.

The little bit I could run on my garbagey decade-old laptop I liked.

When I got to the first enemy neither I nor the enemy could deal any damage, save for one little hit taken when I elected to just walk away. This could have something to do with the fact that my framerate was likely under 10FPS, so it's possible this won't come up for anyone running this on a real computer.

While running away I jumped back over the first hurdle at an angle and clipped through the wall. I consider this an exciting feature that should be(and secretly is) in every game.

Anyway, good on you for making it. I hope to catch one of the schmucks playing it eventually.

Well, my understanding is that developers get to choose what cut they get from sales made here, while Steam and GOG supposedly take ~30% of the profit(I don't think either distributor has officially disclosed this information, though, so don't quote me on that).

I don't know what the fine print is on games like this that include Steam keys or what percentage the devs chose, but you essentially get a backup copy buying here, so if nothing else that's nice.