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It's really great to see a game inspired by Mario Party- I'd never really seen any other games in that style until now!

This is incredible- it really feels the same as the Level Up animations

Those certainly are some rapscallions

Looks interesting! If there's an English translation, or most likely even if there isn't, I'll be sure to try it out!

Goofy Guys :3

This looks incredible!

I was gonna comment about how fun and unique this game is and I'll still stand by that but also I was absolutely blindsided in the best way possible by those logs before the boss-

This is an incredible fangame! I really like how the preexisting elements translate, and the new ones you've added are really fun and creative! I can't wait to see the rest of the game once it comes out (take as much time as you need, though).

As usual, y'all's games never cease to amaze

Nice to see someone else besides me had the idea of incorporating Punch-Out!! mechanics into an RPG, and you make it work great!

Really fun and easy to learn, gets crazy fast

This game is

Something else

This game is definitely one of the of all time

This is really something

The latest in a consistently amazing lineup of games from you guys!

You, ma'am, have made some incredibly weird and wild stuff, but this is above and beyond

Great game and really fun, though obviously being in alpha there are plenty of problems to iron out and most likely a lot more content coming eventually. As an up-and-coming gamedev myself, I understand how much work this project likely is. That being said, I do have a few suggestions that it'd be nice to see you implement as long as it's not too hard:

-More bosses (2-4 per floor, maybe even 5, probably following the same design schemes as current bosses (similar to regular Isaac bosses but different))

-Some sort of proper boss splash intro screen

-Maybe another floor or floor variants of some sort

-Minibosses (harder enemies that have a small chance of spawning, only one per level or possibly per floor, could be the sins or horsemen or something else)

Once again, while these would be great to see, I know how painful the development process can be so don't feel too pressured!

It really feels pretty balanced to me (up until the final five floors but to be totally fair it took me half of the queen bee fight to figure out her mechanic even though you can literally hover over stuff to figure out what it does because I'm stupid and forgot to)

Important question: can games made in GB Studio be sold (like, is it ok with the creators)? I’m making a game in it that I’m gonna release on Steam and, but I’m early enough in the development that it’s not a big deal if I can’t make commercial games in GB Studio and have to switch engines (I may switch engines due to the limitations anyway).