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Thanks! There's 40 levels

This is hilarious!

yay! :)

Ok, new version should work. Sorry, I'm not a Mac person :) And thanks for being impromptu QA.

Hi, I just updated the mac version. Can you tell me if I've fixed this?

yay Wine!

yes, unfortunately it wasn't working

There's a new version that fixes mac clicking issues. The gun just shoots things. The wand polymorphs things.

This may be related to the other mac clicking issues. You should be able to use any gems any time.

Thanks, this is all great feedback!

It does nothing except help you visualize things

you should be able to just click on them or press space bar...

last minute addition, thank you

I would like to submit No Brakes Valet:

Thanks for doing this!

Unfortunately I lost the code to this game. It's too bad because that error message is surprisingly helpful.