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Finally released, eh? Brilliant stuff!

Impressive game! Interface plus claustrophobic layout of each map reminds me of Gloom! Gotta try this one out. Good work.

Amazing quality, awesome gameplay. Now that’s what i really wanted to see. Good work!!

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Some issues are either intended to follow the original game’s mechanic and is just a bad luck where you can’t reach the items spawned from enemies. It’s like one of those Plutonia maps.

Anyways i just checked out the typo and the issue you’ve mentioned. Did my best to fix them. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thank you so much for playing my mod, and informing the issue. I’ve updated the mod once again!

Very amazing. The overall art style and the palette are exactly like 8 bit games and i seriously love it.

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This doom mod no more. It’s actually a game of its own, filled with fantastic lore and character designs. Weapons are also satisfying to use and the main protagonist is a damn good example of warrior gal who can do anything!

Also thanks for releasing the free version. I’m sure a lot of people would have a blast with it :D

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Hey there. I really would like to share gameplay mod here while accepting the donation here. So i connected my Paypal account to It seems i need to do the Tax Interview and i’m doing it right now! But for some reason i got stuck at Permanent Address part and it just won’t verify my real address at all.

And actually, i’m South Korean and whenever i type the correct address on each space, it automatically edits my address and says:

The administrative area (state, province) was added or changed.

The locality (city, municipality) name was added or changed.

The address has been modified to conform with delivery standards. Please verify the changes above.

It seems they re-corrected my address so i clicked on Continue but still did not work and would keep show was added or changed error messages.

I’m considering to check the “I confirm that the address is valid” button and then skip but i’m quite afraid of consequences. The address is not really wrong because i actually use the address translation program to fill the space, so i’m pretty sure they’re not outdated.

Thanks in advance.