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Capn Pansy

A member registered Nov 26, 2020

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You guys are the bomb

Sehr unwirklich! Sehr schön. Und dies Spiel spielt gut. Aber es ist zu einfach. Alles Gute!

Is there a way to pre-order the full edition of the game

Thank you so much!

Wow what a stunner, it's so visually pleasing, really looking forward to picking it up

I meant providing a Steam key to people who purchased the game on Itch so that we may have access to achievements, but it's awesome that you added that too!

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I would love to buy one :)

Where did you find a physical edition of this game?

Congrats on the paid release! Could it come with a Steam key for itch :)

Looking very forward to it!

Played it for the first time, and I had a fun time :) I will say though, and this is because I'm used to playing games on the hardest difficulty, that a difficulty selection menu would be much appreciated!

Looks awesome, looking very forward to playing it!

It's crazy how polished your games are, yet you only work on them for a very short amount of time. Congratulations on an awesome new game :)

Really looking forward to it! Wish you guys luck on the development :)

Will this get a physical release like some Puppet Combo games:)

Looks absolutely awesome! Does the Steam version of the game need the Steam Client to run?

This made my Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful calendar!

P.S.: Not having controller support for Day 22 is disappointing, since it feels like a Nintendo 64 game. Perhaps you can implement it for those who haven't played yet (I would definitely play it again)!