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How do I fix the scaling problem with Dr. Lunatic SWC? I keep trying to make the game fit the screen but nothing is making that happen. Please help.

Jeepers, gunna be harder than I thought. I have a lot of recoloring to do for the tiles I made! 

I keep running into an issue with my custom tiles. The quality of the tiles are majorly reduced whenever ran through the conversion process of the program "LunaticPal",  Here's a link to the program: I was hoping someone could give me some guidance and any tips on what I am doing wrong. I want to run my tiles through the program so I can use them for the game without ruining their quality, I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Please help soon as you can, this way I can know if I should give up making custom tiles or if I should keep going with what I started. Thank you!

You can email me at, hope to hear from you and if you are willing to collaborate with me I will make contributions to your project, it looks like a lot of fun.

Okay, here is a download link to the Super Duper Zombie to Bobby transformation. For the fully intended effect all you do is put this in the place of the normal Super Duper Zombie graphics using the change graphics special and then change the rock bullets into grenade bullets with a uses unlimited attribute in a special. This is how the enemy was intended to carry out behavior by me. I have many more sprites, but I would rather you give me your email so that I can work with you and keep a lot of this stuff surprise, if this graphic transformation idea entertains you. As I said, I made around 33 custom sprites using borrowed graphics, so this isn't even near the amount I already have made. I also plan to make reworked graphics for as many sprites as creatively and vastly as I can. In a perfect reality I would find use for every JSP that isn't involved in Dr. Lunatic and can be found in the other free games. This includes but isn't limited to Kid Mystic, Sleepless Hollow, Loonyland 1 & 2, even games such as Eddie Galaxy. I was committed to this process of conversion for personal use even before I had discovered your project. I planned to convert every sprite I could to a Dr. Lunatic sprite. Tell me what you think!

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Hi, Cannibully here. I have reworked some of the sprites from other free hamumu games to fit with the AI's and their attacks. Originally I planned to apply this in combination with 'change bullet' special alterations or some basic trickery to fool the players into thinking the monster is authentic and not of the original game's design. I have reworked roughly 33 or so different sprites using borrowed graphics from other Hamumu games, the animations are smooth and professional looking. I assume this is now an allowed distribution with the fact that all these borrowed graphics now come from free games. I have a question for your project. What are your plans for new monsters? I have a lot of borrowed graphics creations and I was wondering if you could turn them into monsters with the corresponding bullet attributes that would make them unique. I figured creating an AI would be rather complicated and lengthy, but if you could just alter bullets like my initial plans before I was aware of this project and the sprites were pre-built in alteration for you by me in matching accordance to a variety of Dr. Lunatic original AI behaviors and create new monster entities that way through copies of the old characteristics, I think that would save a lot of time and make for some beautiful results. To put things into perspective, I have some pretty juicy sprites, for instance the super duper zombie has a replacement sprite using the evil Bobby final boss in Kid Mystic and the plan was to replace the rocks that fall when the enemy does his jump stomp with grenades to add to the challenge. I will remind you the animations are smooth and I can send you the files if you want and continue this sprite rework project if you like just so you can confirm my positive results. Hope to hear from you, thank you for reading this message,