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Great! Thank you!

Nice demo, that made me want to discover more about this universe!

Though 2 things bothered me :

1. Narrative interludes (see below) are quite big to read at once. Displaying them letter by letter would make the readability waaay easier and pleasant.

2. It is not clear that we can interact with the recording device once picked up. I saw the icon under the inventory in the top left corner, but did not realized that I could click on it (I may be stupid but that's what the players are :) ).

Just make alignments with 5 different buildings! Maybe I should think about a better way to explain it.

For the moment there is no really progression for the player, apart from gaining points.

Thanks a lot for your comment.

Actually you collected hard drives, but I still do not know what can be their function. It's a prototype!

I'm sorry for the glitches, did you run the game with Nvidia ? It happened to me too with this graphics processor, but with Intel it worked fine.

Otherwise, it's an original way to make lets' plays! Subscribed ✔️

Thank you for playing!

Any of your reaction to the events and the way you play in the level are great feedback anyway.

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Thanks! Actually your video is a very good feedback to know what's to improve.

The game will probably be updated in the next days.

You're welcome!

I mean the the tutorial in the beginning, where we have to click "next". 

I know that get the player to understand the rules is never the easiest part. Maybe make shorter and spatialized texts, and also more feedback to reward the player.

The challenge is interesting!

I played the level 1 and liked that each power source has its own mechanics, but in my opinion the 2d and 3rd appeared too early, we need more time to familiarise with the 1st source and understand how it works.

And this kind of tutorial is boring. It's too much informations at the same time! I don't want to read that much.

It's good but not ergonomic at all.

It doesn't lack much to be more than a prototype: UI, tiles affordance, juicy Fx...

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Do you use a Xbox 360 Controller for Windows?

Keyboard support is not provided.