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Thats the problem, some of them are fuck by the robot arms. If i save them, they stay close to the robot arms. I cant finsih the sex with them because the robot arms will smack me away

When playing stage 1, i cant go pass since i need to rescue every cocumbine. but cocumbine near the tentacle machines refuse to let me complete the sex scene. Im  not sure how to pass that. maybe bring one of the brainwash dinos near there and fuck him? to claim two at once?

Ok, one thing that is still a problem in the game is the transistion state of the days take very long while the player have no input. You cant save, you cant scroll back, is just taking very long. Can this be fixed?

If this channel is not right, then im sorry,but i cant figure where to post this

Welcome back everyone

Playing this game for awhile...I dont see any difference acceot the letter invitation. Am i doing something wrong?

So. I download it nd i cant reallt interact with it. Its just standing there with different arm poses and nothing more

What am I missing?

We are human in game right?

I wish they just say something instead of leaving us in the dark

Is there nsfw pics in this game?

Just wanna confirm before playing
There is no nsfw inside rightr?

Ah snap...i need to replay everything then...

So where do I get the tatter from the hideout?

The bandit hideout...meaning from the underground cave one?

How to get the stripperific armour

Hpw tp get the stripper armour?

Will that be NSFW scenes?

Phew... my com broke down due to malware, hopefully no one was affected by it

Two bite marks

you weocome....i thimk

Is decent...i think

Will this game be nsfw

odd...when i first play the update 3.0, i got through the game booth, but afterwards, i am unable to move anywhere else. I can still play the shootimg booth, but i cant visit the funhouse

Reminds me of the time i went commando in the park and a ant bite my youknowwhat

I did not mean it THAT WAY!

Im dissapointed the version 11 is not free though...I was hoping to try out the new scenes

Damn i miss those wolves...

Im gonna ask the dumbest question...

Is th protag a human?

What is our protag species?

ow to find canine cum? I dont find anyone to fight for it.

What is the protag? A human or an animal?

I nearly piss myself so thanks for the change

Weird, I play this game and after chapter 3 there is no content. Just main page

Okay how 2 fight? cuz i am fighting a damn wolf and no matter what i did it aways punch me dead


Hello, I played this game after my comment on your Public Service game. This game is really a potential for a good text base game which I cannot find alot. Its descriptive, and the story is very intriguing. The sex scene is perfect in its graphic description and I love the game mechanivs combat system, so I would like to talk about some ways I think this game can be improved

If its possible, I wonder if there is a mass ambish scene. It would be cool if we have to fight repeatedly and face multiple enemies. Its also a good place to gain more items and points, while also a possible gangbang scene. This can bring out a new type of enemy and face multiple enemies at once.

Another way to improve is to not bring the protag to the main location, but give him a path. I like the fact we have a location to fight, but if therr are multiple points where we have to fight, it will be more challenging for the players to keep fighting for survival to the next stages

Lastly, I hope that the game may have more class and more enemies in certain location. For now, the contant werewolf fight is nice but if there are like slims, minatour, ghost etc in the same locations, with different battle mechanics, the game will be more promising as there are so many ways to wind and lose.

This comment is my 0ersonal opinion so please do not be stress by it. Keep it at your acceptable pace.  I can wait for the next update for now.

i cannot identify out protagonist specie. Are we a human or something?

(1 edit)

the game is very promising. The event probility is unique. Very detailed speech and it convey the event very well. However I do felt unsatisfied in certain areas of the game.

Firstly, the game stopping area is really out of the blue. I was taken aback when I reach the end. It felt disappointing. I hope there is a label about the game ends at a certain point, or I be assuming at 6 days 44 hours left, i have to wait for an hour to move on.

Secondly, the fact that the intro is bugging me. Written in a fashion that makes me think there is a lore here makes me wonder for 8 ingame days, are we just stuck in the booth for the entire time, or there is a legit story. Look,if there is a plot twist, like our old boss  somehow find us and fuck us than roast me to hell for being impatient. Other than that, the begaining is too detailed in storywise for a game about being fucked 24/8.5 and nothing else inbetween.

Lastly, how little control over the protagonist really bugged me. The story is basically us get abused than rest. Than abuse than rest. I felt like we are playing as a robot. If the game add more control over our protag, it will be a gamechanger. Like resisting or submiting. I think giving more option in control will connect the player and the protagonist.

Please note is my personal opinion and you can ignore this entire chunk of junk, but I hope my suggestion can be taken into consideration. This game is very promising and I look forward to what happen to Li, thats my fox protag, in future updates.

PS: this game end at 6d22h04min? I dunno where it end!


FINALLY ANAL FOR MALES(I like those kind of sex, also need cum)

There is something wrong with the save files. I cant save

Whats the protagonist species?