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Do you know why they chose them? It's just a curious choice, since a GB port would fit more on NES and SMS.

Are you doing the ports, or RetroRoom?

edit: Oh, figured it out. Both DC and N64 have GB emulators, so they're not ports, but the GB ROM shipped with an emu.

How'd you pick DC and N64 as targets?

Yeah, if you're under attack and not just ran out riding around, solar panels probably charge too slow.

Thanks for the feedback!

A hit animation indeed could be added, maybe a blink or similar. There is a death animation, they turn to dust, but it takes a while to kill an enemy with the lowest power laser.

For the engine, did you switch gears with L/R? Try pushing at speed 3 or 4.

This is definitely a "slow" game, kinda like Harvest Moons or so. Not for every player's taste. For perspective, see my other comment (and KungFuFurby's) on the game page; it's only at a meta level really.

That was one my of excuses to the theme, perspectives; are you a conqueror or a peaceful explorer? It's possible to win the game without killing a single enemy.

There's more than one boss, and one of them is involved in a quest.

Yeah I know of the issue, sfx_play is not NMI protected because my preferred solution is to have the game fast enough to never drop to 30fps.

It's not quite achieved here, when you're near a boss and with lots of enemies on screen the game may drop to 30fps. Turns out a big, open-world game with 1k entities is a lot for a SNES ;)

Yes, the ingame UI is outside the safe area too.

Thank you for the report! I've fixed both bugs and uploading a new build now. Existing saves are compatible.

Very nice platformer. Art is great, but the design needs some work.


Blind jumps in places, I expected holding a direction to look there.

Very unfair enemy placement in some places. I died two times, both hearts, at the blue respawning enemy right before part 3? of the second? level. Then a respawning flying enemy killed me over pt 3's pit, when I was holding the drill position in the air.

The boss swarm of the level was way too hard, and dying there put me back a long way. So I gave up there, not going through that again.

A nice and polished puzzle game.


Lol @ the Japanese voices.

The menu text is very hard to read, a bad font. The first screen also goes way too fast to read what's written on the bottom.

For the breaking holes, I expected falling through one to do a flip, like the flip tiles do, not kill you. That's an inconsistency in the gravity logic.

Missing sfx for things like lasers, getting hurt, etc.

Some things on the title screen are outside the safe TV area.

That'd still be a GB game, just one that requires SNES + SGB. Not a SNES game that requires SGB + GB flashcart. Ask yourself "what is 90% of the game written in? What cpu does it run on?"

IMHO SGB would be out since that would be a GB game, but any special controller would be fine. Emulators support those, new SNES mice are being sold, etc.

Thanks, but that's covered.

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I loved Rhythm of the Falling Rain and It's a game. The first gave Zelda vibes and the second reminded me of Golden Sun. I'd love something orchestral like that, since the SNES can do more than just chiptune beeps.

If you're still available, please email me at cand gmxduck com. Without the bird.