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Canadian Philosopher

A member registered Nov 12, 2017

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Thank you! Your collections are so cool!

Really amazing art.
Question 1: Do you have other links we can follow you on?
Question 2: Do you have versions with the/some layers? For anything related to video games, that's super useful to be able to apply different shaders and manipulations to different layers.

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Would you mind changing icon/logo?
The icon technically infringes on the logo & trademark of another tool: Pixel Over.

Cool looking tool otherwise :) Thanks!

Just a word of appreciation :)

Dude, you can't copy or advertise using other people's copyrighted intellectual property =/

Haha, that's an interesting one!

It'd go well with people prototyping "Aperture Science / Portal" with environments.

I wish there were more animations.
I'd probably buy it if it was similar to the offer the girl who made the cat/dog/ninja/soldier 2d sprite.
(2$ for the 17 animations, slide,wall climb, etc.)

Looking forward to fiddle with it :)

The King has returned!
All hail the King!

The video is set to private.

2/10 overall.
Basic controls of a platformer were not enjoyable.
And some bugs, such as the music stopping upon first death, need to be worked out.

Why are you such a king?
Source code included. *bows down*