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thank you :)

Yes, the game is just an infinite loop but it would be a good idea to implement multiple endings but being the first game we made with Pico 8 we didn't want to complicate things too much :)

thanks for the comment, we see it like is and odd thing that you always return to the same room but with changes 

el creador de este juego me pago para poner la review anterior realmente no es un juegazo lo admito

Thanks for the comment and don't worry, I know it's very difficult, I did it and I couldn't get through it in 2 hours XD

Don't worry, even if you were serious, I hadn't felt offended. 😇

tnks 🙃


love the reload animation 😂

The controls that work are the arrows, not the wasd


interesting combination of 2d and 3d sprites

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I have done the speedrun of the game if you jump over a fence you can reach the finish line 😂 . Also pls delete the colisions with the grass in the end line, they are quite annoying

I really liked the interpretation of the theme

bro this game is fuc*** impossible 😤😤

interesting concept

I declare myself a fan of the sound effects of this game


mouse controls are OP

In the end it was just my paranoia 🤣🤣

I feel that a slightly bigger challenge would have been more interesting but good minigame

love the main menu 🤣

Quite impressive the amount of art you have been able to do in such a short time, congratulations

The art of the game looks incredible, on the other hand, I think the theme is a bit shoehorned in.

great game, maybe if you make the spikes colisions smaller it will feel more fair to play 😊

well that's your opinion 🤣🤣

srry guys i made the new world record

👏👏 new world record congrats

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The art of the game is very beautiful and the mechanic of making the grass grow again is implemented very ingeniously, if I'm not mistaken, you put a trail behind the lawnmower and the truth is that it is a very good idea with an easy and effective implementation.

(You may not have done it that way but that's the impression it gave me when playing. sorry if I'm wrong)

It has been really boring, well done 🤣

vaya puto juegazo

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game. I know there are some things that are a little confusing, especially because there is a bug, but that's what could be done in 3 hours. Having said that, as explained in the instructions, the 1234 buttons are used to buy trees, so you are spending money and once purchased you can place them in a box, try not to spam the 1234 buttons because you can buy without limits but only allow planting one at a time and the others will be eliminated

Good implementation of the theme. The truth is that I also thought about graph trees but I didn't come up with any good idea to implement it, but I really liked your approach

just see that it is a game that has been published in 5 different jams obviously it does not follow the topic it is just spam

how many jams are you gonna do with the same game?

mmmm you copy my game name 😑😑 jajajaj just kidding nice mini game 🙃

I really liked your game, it looks like we had similar ideas XD

God job I like the art 👍

Nice mini game pretty impressive that you manage to put so many levels 👌

good minigame I have seen a similar game for mobile but it is also a good creation exercise to practice

Ps: my game is also a copy I say this because the comment is not a criticism 😊

thank you for taking the time to leave a good comment it really helps a lot to learn and improve 😃