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Thank you so much for the feedback! It really means a lot. I definitely agree with what you and IotaSlug said.

Thank you!

The ability to change your stats with a "bet" is indicated by how many "bet points" you have in the top left. What I'm guessing is that you can make the first bet, but then not the second because you run out of points. You can gain more points by killing enemies. Still, it lets me press Shift and then Enter and makes me jump and does a bet with 0 points. In short, Shift is to start a bet, Backspace is to cancel, W is to raise points to bet (max indicated in the top left by 'Bet Points: #'), S is to lower, and Enter is to confirm.

You should be able to initiate the bet with left shift and raise and lower it with W and S respectively. Glad you liked it!

I feel like the bar for the dodge should change color to let you know when it's ready, but other than that it's awesome.

Really cool concept. Mine just froze after the second wave a couple times.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! We thought the die was invading the chess castle where the queen is. That's why we made the floor more chess-themed. We definitely could have made more varied tiles with more time.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thank you very much! It was really fun to brainstorm those attacks.

Nice job! I like the music and appearance of the game. Cudos for getting multiplayer working in a jam game. I've done some multiplayer myself, and I understand how hard it can be.

Thank you very much! IotaSlug did a great job with the concept and implementation, and pixel art was really fun to try out.

Thank you for the feedback and for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you and good luck to you too!

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Thats an interesting concept. Congrats on submitting!

Thank you! We planned on adding more enemies like a Knight or a Bishop, but ended up focusing on polish instead. Some of the idea was to make it short initially by allowing a path straight to the boss, while also including other paths to prolong the game if desired.

Interesting strategy! We wanted to make the roll mechanic fun to use while not requiring you to use it at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

56.98s. Probably the perfect run, lol.

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Completed in 56.98. Probably the perfect run lol