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600000/10, riveting plot, story, gameplay, art 

peak perfection

Disturbing. Scared me shitless by the end of it. 10/10

(It's the third game I play on this video!)

Cool short little game! (This is the second game I play on this video!) Needless to say, I should probably brush up on Japanese folklore a bit more lol but neat experience regardless!

Loved this! Played through your latest build (and made a video, hope that's okay!), and am really looking forward to the full release!

I did try to give some comprehensive feedback/critique (with examples) towards the end of my video on it (starting around the 1:19:37 mark). Overall, save for a few very minor issues with typos and bugs, this is a really fun game with a lot of promise! :^) 

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Beautiful game! Played it on my channel! (Though I think it bugged out a bit for me toward the end lol). Would love to see you develop more in the future! :)


Hey there, fun game!

I played a little bit of it in my new video and it was pretty enjoyable!