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Loved this! Played through your latest build (and made a video, hope that's okay!), and am really looking forward to the full release!

I did try to give some comprehensive feedback/critique (with examples) towards the end of my video on it (starting around the 1:19:37 mark). Overall, save for a few very minor issues with typos and bugs, this is a really fun game with a lot of promise! :^) 

Your playthrough was very informative! I really appreciate the time you took to not only explore the game, but return on elements you felt should be pointed out. It's always nice when a lets-player does that for any indie project still in development. After a while of working on a project, we indies often lose our objective perspective & aren't sure how someone new to the game will understand things. Your video was very fun to watch! Cheers!
- Harmless